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Markar is a designer and manufacturer of architectural grade continuous hinges and edge guards, and has been a leader in innovative products for the hardware industry since 1969. Markar was the first manufacturer to produce a continuous pin and barrel hinge line and an adjustable continuous edge guard. Building on customer feedback, Markar developed over 75 standard continuous hinge models providing products for a wide variety of applications.  Markar continues to lead the way in innovative and advanced design concepts for the door and hardware industry.


Why Continuous?

A typical two or three butt hinge system may cause premature doorway failure in busy entrance ways. Most of any door's weight and stresses are put on its top hinge. With excessive use the top hinge may experience signs of early wear. Once the top hinge fails, the door sags and the entrance quickly becomes a problem. 

The Markar continuous hinge distributes weight and stresses along the full length of the door and frame supporting the door’s full length up to ten feet. Because Markar continuous hinges are tested for over a million cycles, trouble-free door operation is guaranteed. 

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Why Pin and Barrel?

There are a number of advantages of installing Markar pin and barrel continuous hinges over geared hinges. Most importantly, pin and barrel hinges can hold significantly more weight and are fire-rated out of the package. Additionally, pin and barrel hinges are held together with a stainless steel rod creating a strong, monolithic, free-moving assembly. 

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Why Adjustable?

Full door length adjustment means doors that can be squared accurately and easily in new installations, existing frames can be used in retrofit applications, and maintenance staff can make future adjustments of the door.

Utilizing the Adjust-A-Screw™ fasteners on Markar hinge systems permits up to 3/8" adjustment on the hinge side. An adjustable lock-edge fastening system allows an additional 3/8" total width adjustment for stainless steel edge guards and a 1/8" total width adjustment for aluminum edge guards – providing more flexibility in retrofitting and maintenance.

For a more detail explanation, download The Markar Advantage.


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Whether you're looking for full mortise, full surface, half mortise, or half surface, Markar continuous pin & barrel hinges offer the best options for any application, including behavioral health environments.

Markar Electrified Hinges

Markar electrified hinges offer a plethora of Power over Ethernet, electrical transfer, and ElectroLynx current transfer options. Markar also offers an adjustable monitoring switch to work with all applications.

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