McKinney Products

McKinney Products Company designs and manufactures high quality architectural hinges for commercial use. With roots in Cincinnati OH, McKinney manufactured in the heart of the Pennsylvania steel industry for many years.

McKinney became an ASSA ABLOY Group company in 1996. With the resources of ASSA ABLOY, McKinney greatly expanded the research and development, and manufacturing capabilities. These capabilities have had the greatest impact on improving custom hinge manufacturing.

Top McKinney Products

McKinney Standard Butt Hinges

McKinney offers strength and durability with a long line of full mortise, full surface, half mortise, and half surface hinges. These are available for standard weight, high frequency, and heavy weight doors.

McKinney Power Transfer Hinge

McKinney power transfer hinges and cables make it easy to connect and secure your world. You can find a number of products, including electric hinge service kits, power-over-transfer hinges, power transfer cables, and much more.

McKinney Concealed Door Hinge

Beautifully hidden and built stronge for any application: McKinney concealed hinges completely disappear when your doors are closed, providing an exceptional minimal and clean aesthetic for your entryways.

McKinney Pivot Hinges

From the McKinney jamb mount pivot set to reinforcing pivots to spring pivot hinges, McKinney offers effortless ways to create swing doors for any application.

McKinney Spring Hinges

Create swing doors effortlessly with a variety of McKinney spring hinges, including the McKinney Sagless Double Acting Gate Spring Pivot Hinge or the McKinney Light Weight Double Acting Gravity Pivot Hinge.

McKinney Custom Door Hinges

For unique applictions or situational demands, McKinney custom hinges provide the perfect solution to fit your need. From offset hinges to interim hinges to lavatory spring hinges, you can customize for any application.

McKinney Rescue Hardware

McKinney hinge rescue hardware allos you to operate a door in both directions without ever damaging the frame. Check out the McKinney Combination Strike and Stop CSS-9 or McKinney Emergency Door Stop.

McKinney Door Hardware Blog

Learn more about McKinney hinges, rescue door hardware, and more on the ASSA ABLOY Door Accessories blog.

Custom Manufacturing

A variety of materials and hinge types can be custom manufactured in the Berlin, CT plant, including the ElectroLynx hinges and Power over Ethernet (PoE) hinges.


To support today’s need for electronic security applications, a variety of McKinney electric hinges have been developed for use in remote door monitoring and access control systems, including the patented Power over Ethernet (PoE) hinge. In addition, collaboration within the ASSA ABLOY Group companies has led to complete StormPro tornado resistant solutions.

Decorative Hinges

McKinney decorative architectural hinges with special tips and finishes allow you to add style to any opening. Designed to suite with hardware from ASSA ABLOY Group companies, these commercial decorative hinges open up a whole new world of design options for your door openings. See the McKinney Architectural Hinge Brochure for the complete offering.