Meeting Fire Door Compliance

Fire door compliance is necessary to achieve the highest level of safety for building occupants. In the event of an emergency, fire and smoke can penetrate through large gaps in a door opening to the inside of a room or corridor, so sealing them is crucial to life safety.

What causes extreme door gaps to occur? Several factors can create this issue…flooring or hardware is changed, doors are improperly sized, hardware sags, or a building settles over time.

Pemko’s line of Excessive Door Gap Solutions helps to ensure your doors are meeting NFPA 80 requirements. With affordable solutions for every gap condition — door bottom, head, or jamb — your building will be protected from all sides.

  • Brings fire doors into compliance and quickly resolves fire door inspection issues
  • UL Certified for 90 minutes
  • Eliminates costly expense of replacing doors
  • No special preparation needed on existing doors, saving on installation time and maintenance
  • Can be used on steel composite, hollow metal doors, wood, and plastic-covered composite core doors
  • Patent Pending Aluminum Door Bottom Solution that's easily cut and trimmed in the field


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