McKinney Custom Capabilities

Have a unique application, problem or demand? Customized McKinney products are available to fit your need

When you have a problem

Offset Hinges

Rather than replacing the frame of the door, these offset hinges can be customized to replace older hinges with non-standard preps.

Interim Hinges

McKinney Interim Hinges are ideal for applications where the door and frame sides are different sizes. McKinney Interim Hinges are reversible, and available in standard or heavy weight. Popular sizes of Interim hinges are available as QuickShip items to solve your problem fast.

When you have unique demands

Lavatory Spring Hinges

McKinney Lavatory Spring Hinges are ideal for stall door applications. This special spring hinge is made of stainless steel and gently closes the lavatory stall door.

Hinge with Handle

This elegant design makes opening and closing folding walls a cinch. Simply grab the handles on the hinge and pull. The Hinge with Handle is ideal for gymnasiums, cafeterias, conference centers and hotels. 

When the application is unique

Custom Electrified Hinges

When the application requires a different wiring configuration, centered wire exits or a different combination, our team can modify the hinge to meet your demands in remote door monitoring and access control systems.

Custom Cables

Paired with McKinney Electrified Hinges, McKinney ElectroLynx Cables are available in custom lengths in both regular and Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables to meet the needs of your opening.

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