Sliding Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket doors slide into a compartment in the wall, almost disappearing when the door is open. They conserve and recover space that is lost to swinging doors. The Pemko Pocket Frame Kit has solid wood studs encased in extruded aluminum to reduce corrosion and minimize any bowing effect. Door actuation requires less than 5 lbs. of horizontal force, meeting ADA requirements. The soft close option gently closes the door and brings it to a controlled stop, which eliminates bouncing and slamming helping to expand the life of the door and hardware.

Features Benefits
Allows sliding doors to be completely concealed within walls Saves valuable space
Requires less than 5 lbs of
horizontal force to open
Meets ADA requirements
Space saving sturdy design Trouble-free operation for years of use
Knock down construction Easy to assemble
Extruded aluminum studs with
solid wood core
Reduces corrosion and minimizes bowing effect
Includes chrome plated steel hangers Corrosion resistant and maintenance free
Soft close and open option Gently closes the door and brings it to a controlled stop



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