Straight Sliding Door Hardware

Replace old in-swing office doors with space-saving sliding doors. Sliding doors allow space previously required for swing clearance to be better utilized as well as provide a sense of openness. Hardware for sliding doors can be discreetly hidden or be a visible statement to complement your décor.


Choose from a variety of overhead or side wall mounted Pemko Straight Sliding Door Hardware to expand usable office space through the use of either bypass, bi parting, or a single sliding door. The Pemko Side Wall Track (SWT) features a unique mounting bracket that is extruded with the track and an innovative wall-mounted bottom guide assembly that allows carpet to be replaced without removing the door.

  • Hardware for straight sliding doors mounts quickly and provides years of trouble-free operation 
  • Sliding door systems are ADA-compliant and require less than 5 lbs of force to operate door 
  • Ideal for offices, conference rooms, and group work areas
  • The Soft Close option is available on on the Pemko H200, H180A, SHS80, HBP200A and SWT systems with angled (280_-SWTKIT), radius (RF280_-SWTK) or square (SF280_-SWTK) fascia. 

The optional Soft Close device is designed for use with select Pemko straight sliding door hardware for new installations or as a retrofit solution. The soft close system prevents doors from bouncing or slamming when shut with force, bringing sliding doors to a controlled stop. Reduce noise and extend the lifespan of sliding doors and hardware.


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