Concealed Door Hinges


For minimal interiors and sleek doorways, concealed hinges work wonders. There’s something special about these doors from the very first impression. With no visible hardware to take away from the door’s appearance, these hinges are beautifully disguised.

There are five different series of concealed hinges from McKinney. Whether you want concealed hinges for high-end residential spaces or need office doors that look as sleek as you do, concealed hinges provide a very clean, minimal aesthetic. 

What is a Concealed Hinge

A concealed hinge is hardware that lays flush within a door to hide the hinge altogether. These hinges provide a major aesthetic value for high-end interiors. 

door with concealed hinges

Concealed hinges are used on all kinds of interior and entry doors. McKinney creates a variety of concealed hinges for use with wood or hollow metal doors. 

Since these hinges can’t be seen from the outside, they provide an overall smooth, minimal appearance that can also ensure security. That’s because these doors can’t be tampered with from the outside. 

concealed hinges on door

Things to Know About Concealed Hinges

  • Perfect for minimal interiors that want clean, sophisticated doors

  • Different size hinges to match door weights, from standard weight to heavyweight

  • 3-way adjustability

  • Some versions of concealed hinges have snap-on covers, while others are magnetic and have a smooth, metal finish

  • No visible fasteners on McKinney hinges

  • Safety: Most McKinney hinges have a 20-minute fire rating and a new stainless steel model (MK80SS) has a 3-hour fire rating

  • You can pair concealed hinges with a  "roseless trim" option from Corbin Russwin and SARGENT for a true minimal appearance

The Advantages of McKinney Concealed Hinges

These hinges are made from zinc alloy and include a non-handed design with an opening angle of 180 degrees. 

concealed hinges

More Adjustability 

One of the main benefits of McKinney concealed hinges is the 3-way adjustability. You can adjust vertically, horizontally, and in and out of frame. Adjustability helps with inconsistencies in the field. 

Take a look at the McKinney MK100 Concealed Hinge adjustment to see how versatile these hinges are:

Safe and Fire Resistant

It’s important that any door hardware in commercial settings has the necessary fire rating. This ensures that your office is up to building codes. Most McKinney concealed hinges hold a 20-minute fire-rating, but the MK80SS series offers a longer rating of 3 hours. 

Multiple Finishes to Choose From

McKinney offers multiple finishes, including satin chrome and matte black. Custom finishes make it easy to match your hardware exactly as you need. See more finishes and designs on McKinney Concealed Hinges

McKinney Concealed Hinges


No Compromise of Interior Decor or Function

The beauty of concealed hinges is celebrated in McKinney’s design. Our concealed hinges come with snap-on covers that conceal mounting screws for a clean, minimal aesthetic, or you can opt for exposed metal. 

If you are looking for different metal finishes, McKinney also offers additional options if you want to open the door and ensure that the look matches your interior fixtures.  

Architects love creating “frameless openings”  with McKinney concealed hinges, which have become an increasingly popular design selection.

It’s All in the Architectural Details

Looking for the right hinge for your project? McKinney concealed hinges offer significant benefits, especially because of their durability and safety. If you want the perfect aesthetic, using these hinges can improve your interior design substantially. 


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