Pivot Hinges


Pivot hinges help busy businesses stay in control of traffic. From spring pivot hinges to gravity pivot hinges, you can use McKinney pivot hinges for all kinds of applications. 

Most hinges use pins for motion, but just like their name, pivot hinges move around a single point. Reinforcement hinges, spring pivot hinges, and double acting pivot hinges are a few of the unique designs available. 

McKinney creates a variety of designs because there are so many uses for pivot hinges today. For example, seamless, full overlay, and partial overlay doors all use separate pivot hinge designs. There are some tricks to installing and using these essential hinges that you should know so your doors function properly.

What are Pivot Hinges

With a pivot hinge, a door can pivot from one single point at the bottom and top of the door. These hinges look different from a mortise or butt hinge, which attach to the side of the door and come with a pin. 

Instead, pivot hinges attach at the top and bottom of the door, and to the floor and the head of the door frame. This allows the door to swing in either direction. 

When pivot hinges aren’t level or don’t support the weight of the door, you may see your door sag, and in other cases, the door may not swing all the way or it might stick. A McKinney reinforcing pivot hinge may be a great retrofit solution to fix these issues. 

If your pivot hinge isn’t allowing your door to swing properly, count on our McKinney support team for help. Go to McKinney Support

What are Pivot Hinges Used For

Do you have a high-traffic doorway? Restaurants are one of the most popular places to use pivot hinges and swinging doors because it allows staff to move effortlessly from the kitchen to the dining room. 

Pivot hinges work best in high-traffic areas where you want to open a door just by pushing it open, and it swings closed behind you. These hinges also come with a bottom bracket that anchors the door to the floor, which supports the weight of heavier doors. 

That’s why they’re so often used in restaurants. However, you may also see them in homes, office break rooms, back room doors, and other service industry businesses with high-traffic doorways. 

In addition, some pivot hinges are reinforced, making them stronger for certain applications. We go over different types of McKinney pivot hinges available below. 

Types of McKinney Pivot Hinges

There are many types of door sizes, weights, and applications that require a special pivot hinge. McKinney offers a variety of these hinges, including: 

Spring Pivot Hinges

These hinges can be adjusted to specify a closing force, so you are in control of how fast the door swings open and closes. There are also hinges that can hold the door open, and self-closing spring pivots. 

Reinforcing Pivot Hinges

These pivot hinges are special retrofit solutions for swinging doors that are currently not level or sagging. If your door is damaged, you can fix it just by installing one of the McKinney satin nickel plated or satin stainless steel reinforcing pivot hinges.  These are handed door hinges, so you’ll need to make sure that you’re choosing LH or RH to match the door handing. 

McKinney Pivot Hinges

Sagless Double Acting Gate Spring Pivot Hinges

These are gate spring pivot hinges that have an exterior tension adjustment that you can change after the hinge is installed. It includes an anti-friction bearing that supports the weight of your gate while the bearing on the top socket mitigates wear and tear. 

These hinges are larger, making this hardware a great choice for heavy-duty applications, but you can also change the tension for lightweight gate doors. These hinges come in a painted or plated finish. 

McKinney Pivot Hinge

Lightweight Double Acting Gravity Pivot Hinge

With these hinges, the door weight actually aids in closing the door, so you don’t have to adjust the tension. Since spring hinges can eventually wear out faster because of the tension, gravity pivot hinges actually last much longer. These hinges also have 90° hold open features. These doors are also non-handed. 

Pivot Hinges for Doors

Ajax Double-Acting Horizontal Pivot Hinges

The horizontal pivot hinge is convenient for wood or hollow metal doors that you find in back rooms or restaurants. It comes with an adjustable spring tension and a 90° hold open feature, and it’s non-handed. These pivot hinges come with a painted or plated finish. 

ASSA ABLOY Pivot Hinge

Improve Your Doorways with Pivot Hinges

If you work in a high-traffic environment, your business needs pivot hinges that make it easy to move lots of people and keep the momentum. McKinney offers durable, high-quality pivot hinges made from steel. 

Whether you need to reinforce your swinging doors or want to install a new pivot hinge in your restaurant, we provide amazing support to our customers. 


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