Top 5 McKinney Recommended Hinges


When it comes to hinges, no one knows better than our McKinney experts that the right hardware improves a door’s durability and long-term operation. There are all kinds of commercial applications where hinges play a crucial role in improving safety. 

Depending on the application, there are five recommended McKinney hinges that every door installer should know. With high-quality, durable hardware like these selections below, your door can withstand everything from daily high-traffic use to the worst inclement weather. 

5 Recommended Hinges by McKinney

Most of the time, customers are looking for standard weight, medium frequency door bearing hinges, but there are also popular heavyweight bearing hinges. Here are a few of the most requested and what applications they’re used for: 


1. TA2314/TA2714 - McKinney 5 Knuckle Standard Weight Hinge

These are standard weight hinges made for medium-frequency use in indoor or outdoor settings. They work for common flush door, frame, and wall applications. 

The base material in the TA2314 should be noted for the application. Interior doors should use TA2714 steel hinges, which are highly durable yet not rated for exterior applications. 

McKinney recommended hinge

TA2314 hinges come in stainless steel and brass, which work for exterior applications. 

These hinges also come with multiple options, such as round corners, hospital tips, ball tips, steeple tips, safety stud features, and non-removable pins. 

If you have a high-use doorway or a high-impact door, you can use McKinney hinge pin door stops to work with the TA2714 hinge. These run the full length of the hinge and protect against damage to nearby walls. 

McKinney black hinge

2. T4A3786 - McKinney 5 Knuckle Heavyweight Hinge

When you need a high-traffic door hinge, the T4A3386 offers the best options. This is a five-knuckle heavyweight hinge that works with high-traffic doors that are constantly being opened. 


For example, front doors to office buildings, bathroom doors, school room doors, and many industrial applications typically use heavy wood or metal doors. In these situations, heavyweight hinges should always be used for heavier doors that are constantly opening and closing. 


These five-knuckle full mortise hinges are "ANSI/BHMA A156.1 Grade 1 hinges,” which means they can withstand over 2.5 million cycles. Many of these also come with decorative options. These also work with ElectroLynx hinges and concealed circuits. 

McKinney Recommended Hinges


3. TA314/TA714 - McKinney 3 Knuckle Standard Weight Hinge

This is a standard weight, full mortise bearing hinge that has a cleaner look than many other three-knuckle types. We recommend these for medium-frequency use as they have attained “ANSI/BHMA A156.1 Grade 2 hinges” for 1.5 million cycles or more. 


The interesting thing to note is that these mortise hinges have many decorative tips available, including flat, round, grooved, lined, ball, and steeple tips. These hinges also work with hospital tips and ElectroLynx electrified hinges. For this hinge, the bearing is concealed and not exposed for a cleaner look.

McKinney Standard Weight Hinge


4. TA386/786 - McKinney 3 Knuckle Heavyweight Hinge

Looking for a heavyweight version of the bearing hinge above? The TA386/786 series is recommended for high-frequency use with heavy wood or metal doors. These work perfectly for public buildings, hospital settings, schools, and industrial warehouses. These are rated for "ANSI/BHMA A156.1 Grade 1 hinges” or 2.5 million cycles. 


However, these do not come with the same amount of decorative tips for all sizes, only for 4 ½” and 5” hinges. However, these can be used for magnetic monitoring, concealed circuits, and ElectroLynx electrified hinges. 

IMcKinney Heavyweight Hinge

5. TA3331/TA2731 - McKinney 2 Knuckle Standard Weight Hinge

These are the cleanest of all standard weight, knuckle bearing hinges. Two-knuckle hinges like these are best for medium-frequency doors, even though it’s still a commercial grade hinge. These full mortise bearing hinges are used for flush door, frame, and wall applications, which is perfect for office buildings. 


While lower traffic, these hinges also come with more decorative tips, including flat, round, grooved, and lined. These also work with ElectroLynx hinges, magnetic monitoring, and concealed circuits. 

McKinney 2 Knuckle Hinge


Need a Specific Hinge for Commercial Doors?

Let us help you find the perfect hinge for your application. With a wide variety of full mortise, heavyweight, standard weight, and electrified hinge types, McKinney hinges offer the most durability and flexibility for a precise fit. 


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