Spring Hinges


Spring hinges go by different names, such as spring-loaded hinges or self-closing door hinges. The spring mechanism makes it so that doors automatically close behind you. McKinney offers a number of commercial-grade spring hinges for all applications. 

If you have a wood or metal door, spring hinges work wonders for improving traffic flow and privacy in your building. McKinney uses strategic spring hinge designs that make them more secure and easy to use. 

How Do Spring Hinges Work

Spring hinges are fitted with a spring that slowly closes a door behind you. These hinges are adjustable so that you can choose how fast you want the door to close. 

Used in both residential and commercial applications, spring hinge doors also work as double-acting swing hinges. These are called saloon doors or swing door hinges, which are popular in hospitals, restaurants, schools, and many other institutions. 

There are also outdoor-rated spring hinges that last for many years, depending on the application. 

Advantages of McKinney Spring Hinges

In many cases, the door, frame, or wall specifications make it difficult to have a door closer.  Spring hinges are also a great hands-free option, especially if you have a Rockwood Hands Free door pull installed.  

rom specialty spring hinges to traditional double action spring hinges, McKinney offers a variety of standard weight and adjustable spring hinges for any commercial use. 


Types of McKinney Spring Hinges

McKinney offers the following types of spring hinges:

  • Standard Weight Spring Hinge

  • MacPro® Adjustable Spring Hinge

  • Double Acting Spring Hinge 

  • Full Surface Double Acting Door Spring 

  • Full Mortise Double Acting Spring Butt-Hinge

  • Clamp Flange Spring Hinge

  • Horizontal Spring Pivot Hinge

  • Gate Spring Pivot Hinge


Each of these hinges offers special benefits depending on the door and application. Here is a look at the most popular McKinney spring-loaded hinges: 


McKinney 1502/1552 Spring Hinge Series

The 1502/1552 spring hinge series is the most popular and offers auto-shut to reduce the need for hands-on contact with the door. These are standard weight, medium frequency hinges that work best in hotel rooms, apartments, office building doors, and similar applications.  Installers generally use two of these hinges on a door for the proper closing force. 


These are non-handed hinges with adjustable tension, and they are available with McKinney’s Quick Ship program. There are also many sizes and finishes available for this standard weight hinge. 

Spring Hinge


MacPro MPS60

These hinges may be sold alone or in a kit (MPS679) which includes 2 spring hinges and a regular butt hinge to install in a normal doorway opening. The spring hinges are installed at the top and bottom of the door with a regular butt hinge in the middle. This configuration prevents adding too much tension to self-closing doors. 


These hinges are available for commercial and residential applications, though they are typically installed on lightweight doors. 

McKinney Spring Door Hinges


McKinney 3001/J30001 Horizontal Spring Pivot Hinges

Most popular for businesses where a door closer is not required, the McKinney 3001/J3001 series is a horizontal spring pivot hinge for swinging doors. These steel hinges include an anti-friction bearing and adjustable spring tension. 


One of the best features is that these work without a door closer and feature a 90-degree hold-open feature. You may see these hinges in retail settings, such as in a back storeroom or restaurant kitchen door. 

Spring Hinges by McKinney


McKinney Double-Acting Spring Hinges

McKinney offers a variety of double-acting spring hinges for all applications. 


The 1001 Non-Template double-acting hinge is the perfect example of a versatile swing hinge. For stock room doors, kitchen doors, and gates, the 1001 double acting spring hinge works best. These doors can swing in both directions. 


If looking for high shock and vibration resistant hinges, check out the McKinney 19001 Template Double Acting Clamp Flange Spring Hinge. These work best for trucking doorways. 

ASSA ABLOY Spring Hinges


Find the Best Spring Hinge Hardware

Improving your office or institution's doorways can be a breeze with spring hinges. They’re designed to improve privacy and safety with brief contact needed to shut these doors. If you’re tired of people leaving the door open, these hinges may be just the thing for your project.


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