Everything You Wanted to Know About Pemko

Pemko is an ASSA ABLOY Group brand with an extensive product line which consists of  thresholds, gaskets, door bottoms, brush seals, astragals, continuous geared and stainless steel hinges, fire and life-safety products, sliding door hardware, hospitality products, and more.

The Pemko product line offers sound-tested, smoke-rated, fire-rated, skid resistant, BHMA certified and ADA-compliant products, and is actively pursuing new product developments to create solutions for new applications and requirements.

Door hardware and accessories are essential not only for design purposes, but for creating a safe and secure space. Door accessories may seem like a small design detail, but they are essential for the security, style, and longevity of your doors.


Weatherstripping Products

Weatherstripping effectively seals the gaps all the way around the frame as well as the gap at the bottom of the door to prevent the transmission of unwanted elements when the door is closed. Weatherstripping products help prevent air leaks and improve energy efficiency. 

Let’s have a look at a few of the weatherstripping products that Pemko offers.



Thresholds are an important part of an opening as they act as the non-combustible sill, protecting people on either side of the door. In a fire rated opening, non-combustible thresholds are essential to life safety.

Additionally, some threshold models provide weatherization benefits by keeping wind, snow, dust, debris, and other particles from passing underneath the door into the interior of your building. This keeps your facility properly insulated and safe from the elements, protecting it against heat in the summer and cold in the winter. The threshold shields the interior from drafts, which contributes to energy efficiency.

Pemko offers a variety of commercial thresholds, including Eco-V(r) Thresholds and Saddle Thresholds. We also have an extensive selection of modular ramps, half and offset saddles, and residential thresholds.


Astragals are ideal for closing gaps in a door opening between a pair of doors. Astragals also assist in minimizing the amount of light transmitted between doors. We offer several fire-rated models which are designed to prevent the passage of smoke during a fire.

Types of Astragals:

  • Split Astragals/Meeting Edge Seals: Seal the gap between a pair of doors using a high-performance overlapping gasket; one or both doors can operate freely without using a coordinator.

  • Self-Adhesive Astragals: Seal the gap between the doors at the meeting edges to prevent heat loss, slow the passage of smoke.

  • Adjustable Astragals: Allow you to adjust the seal along the height of the door, ensuring the gasket conforms to the imperfections in the gap between the doors.

  • Locking Astragals: Mostly residential applications; they provide a seal for your entry and have locking spring bolts or slide bolts for inswing double doors.

  • Security Astragals: Covers gap between the door and jamb to prevent prying and tampering of a door; ideal for doors that open onto an exterior walkway.

Perimeter Gasketing

Since doors do not create a perfect seal against the door frame when they are shut, the addition of weatherstripping is an ideal solution. Perimeter gaskets seal the gaps around the top and two sides of the door. They are designed for openings with 1/8" gaps, but each weatherstrip can seal gaps up to the depth of its seal. 

We offer a variety of weatherstripping profiles with an excellent selection of gaskets for nearly every application.

For more information on when to use which gasket, view our material summary.

Door Bottoms

Door bottoms are used to seal a door at the threshold or floor surface to provide a physical barrier against drafts that could seep through the crack between the door bottom and floor.

Pemko offers a variety of door bottoms: door sweeps, door shoes, and automatic door bottoms.

An automatic door bottom is an operable device that creates a seal at the bottom of the opening. When the door is closed, the mechanism in the automatic door bottom lowers a seal which closes the gap at the bottom of the door. There are three ways to mount an automatic door bottom: surface, semi-mortise, and full-mortise


All Pemko automatic door bottoms consist of an aluminum case which surrounds a movable drop-bar seal. The drop-bar seal is actuated by a plunger which contacts the jamb (typically on the hinge side) as the door is closing, forcing the drop-bar seal down against the floor / threshold.

All models (except #412) are non-handed and reversible. Installation is fast and easy because disassembly is not required to change handing: simply flip the automatic door bottom and you’ve reversed the hand. The clean symmetrical square-shaped case design also provides for even flush mounting.

All models seal up to a 3/4" gap under the door (except 420 and residential models which seal 1/2” maximum).

Brush Seals

Brush seals serve as a barrier, keeping out drafts, dust, moisture, insects, fumes, light, and smoke. Brush seals are offered in weatherstripping models as well as door bottoms and meeting stile gaskets. 

Brush seals utilize a series of nylon filaments captured in a steel backing to provide a dense gasket suitable for a variety of applications. Made from an inert material, these brush seals may also be sprayed with a household pesticide to provide additional protection against unwanted insects.


Fire and Life-safety Products

Pemko also offers multiple products that serve as protection in the case of a fire. 

  • Fire Glazing Tape: Fire Glazing Tape is used to assist glazing products to meet the necessary fire test requirements. In the event of a fire, glazing tape expands to stop the spread of fire and smoke for up to 60 minutes.

    Pemko FG3000S45 has approvals for 20 minute openings with hose stream and 45 minute openings on wood and metal doors with vision lites installed. This tape is also suitable for use with sidelights, borrowed lights, and transoms.

    Pemko FG3000S90 has approvals for 90 minute openings on wood and metal doors with vision lites installed.

  • Door Bottom Shoe: Seals gaps and clearances that exceed the requirements of NFPA 80. The Pemko XG2212_PK773 Door Shoe is suitable for use on gaps up to 1-1/2” and is UL Certified for 90 minute fire doors and suitable for use on steel composite, hollow metal doors, wood and plastic-covered composite core doors.

  • Adhesive Gasketing: PEMKO S88 Adhesive Gasketing is a silicon seal used for smoke and draft sealing, and is extruded from high-temperature silicone; effective between -58 degrees (F) and 450 degrees (F). It is self-extinguishing, and made to withstand incredible high and low temperatures. It meets the requirements of NFPA 105 "Standard for the Installation of Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives.”

    The Pemko S773 Adhesive Perimeter Seal is a silicon seal used for smoke and draft sealing, and is extruded from high-temperature silicone; effective between -58 degrees (F) and 450 degrees (F). It is self-extinguishing, and made to withstand incredible high and low temperatures. It meets the requirements of NFPA 105 "Standard for the Installation of Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives.”

Fire Door Issues

There are some common issues with fire doors that can lead to failing a fire inspection due to the lack of safety. A few things to keep in mind are to always ensure that fire-door labels are clearly visible and legible, none of your door’s components are broken or missing, and that exits are unblocked at all times. 

Excessive Door Gaps 

Excessive door gaps are one of the top reasons that facilities fail fire inspections. A door gap is the space between a fire-rated door and the frame or the floor. Excessive door gaps can be dangerous because, in the case of a fire, they can allow an inordinate amount of smoke to seep through the opening. This could cause a person in a protected space to become incapacitated as they become inundated with smoke.

Additionally, the latches could fail, especially if you have a pair of swinging doors, as they may warp and twist due to the heat of the fire, causing more damage.


Excessive door gaps could occur due to a myriad of reasons, including the building settling over time, doors being improperly sized, hardware or flooring being changed, or door hardware sagging. 

When any clearances of a fire-rated opening exceed the required recommendations outlined in NFPA80, Pemko's Excessive Gap Solutions can assist with bringing a door back into compliance. These products are designed to be used on wood and metal doors and frames without requiring the door to be taken out of the opening – saving time and money. 

To pass your next fire inspection, make sure that all door gaps meet the clearance requirements outlined in the standard. 

Products for Behavioral Health

When it comes to behavioral health facilities, it’s important to choose your hardware thoughtfully. Pemko has a few products that were built with behavioral health in mind, to ensure the safety of the patients and staff within the facility.  

Emergency Release Stops

Pemko offers two styles of emergency release stops: the Pemko ERS (a flush-bolt locking behavioral health hinge), and the Pemko ERSMP (a multipoint locking behavioral health hinge).

In the case of an emergency where the door cannot be opened in the traditional direction, the flush bolt (ERS) or multi-point latch (ERSMP) can be released to allow the double swing hinge to swing in the opposite direction from the traditional swing. The stop is unlocked by a torx key and swings open with an integrated grab handle.

Double Swing Pin & Barrel Hings

 The Pemko double swing pin and barrel hinge is ideal for behavioral health facilities, as it can swing 100 degrees in either direction in the case of an emergency. When paired with an emergency release stop, it creates a complete anti-barricade solution. The double swing hinge also reduces ligature points and prevents finger pinching. 

Perimeter Gasketing 

 The following perimeter gaskets are approved by the NYOMH for behavioral health: 

Products for Hospitality

 Pemko’s products for hospitality and entertainment provide hotel properties with products that increase guest satisfaction and increase their overall value. Pemko’s products use the most advanced technologies to offer added privacy, compliance, and peace of mind to both hospitality providers and their guests.

Sliding Door Hardware

Add style where space is limited or keep doors concealed to preserve clean lines and open-air appeal by using sliding door hardware. 

  • Pemko Sliding Door Hardware can be hidden behind a fascia, concealed overhead, or exposed for upscale or rustic interiors

  • Options for use with glass or wood doors

  • Optional Soft Close available for Pocket Frames and select Box Track, Deco, and Flat Track systems

  • Optional Sliding Door Latch (SDL) available for barn door style openings

  • Complete the look with fashionable Rockwood door pulls

Cascading Sliding Door System

The Pemko Cascading Door Kit offers a variety of configurations. Opening and closing the lead door causes the trailing doors to follow as interlocking hardware at the edges of the door tops are set in motion.

  • Easy to install due to self-aligning components on 1 3/4" thick doors

  • Telescoping panels glide along the track

  • Durable yet quiet operation due to solid steel catches with rubber bumpers

  • Used in straight-sliding or byparting configurations

  • 200 lb. per door weight capacity

  • 5 year warranty

How to Choose the Right Sliding Door Hardware

The biggest factor to keep in mind is the weight of the door. Heavier sliding doors will require a track that can support it, as well as a header or proper wall blocking that is equally as strong. You will also need to consider the type of hardware design, and which option will match your desired aesthetic. 

For further information to consider when choosing your sliding door hardware, visit our blog post.

Folding Systems

For folding doors, Pemko offers the following products: 

  • Pemko HF_/100A Folding System

    • For Folding Doors and Room Dividers up to 100 lbs, up to 24" Wide x 96" Tall

  • Pemko PIF_/165A Folding System

    • For Folding Doors and Room Dividers up to 165 lbs, up to 36" Wide x 106" Tall

    • Residential and Commercial applications, especially when requiring end folding doors

  • Pemko FIF_/275A Folding System

    • For Folding Doors and Room Dividers up to 275 lbs, up to 48" Wide x 177" Tall

    • For top-hung, heavy weight, interior, partition doors; especially for commercial applications requiring end folding doors.

Eco-V® Thresholds

Eco-V® thresholds serve as a transition where carpet meets carpet, tile, or VCT, or where tile meets tile, beneath an interior door.

They are ideal for use in any high-traffic commercial installation, such as hotels and offices.

Eco-V® thresholds are manufactured from a bio-based compound that removes 350 tons of greenhouse gases annually. Our material is slightly softer than competitive products, yet just as durable as you’d expect them to be. This aids in the cutting and fitting of the threshold and facilitates easier insertion of the carpet into the holding cavities on the carpet side(s) of the threshold.

Eco-V(R) thresholds are designed to work in conjunction with Pemko’s 2173_V, 2113_V and 2343_V door shoes. EV232, EV2325, and ADJ232V thresholds meet the requirements outlined in ADAAG-2010 (Amended); ICC/ANSI A117.1 and California Building Code, Title 24 for Barrier-Free Entry - 1⁄2" max rise above finished floor.

Privacy Latches

Privacy door latches are made for ensuring residents or hotel guests can identify a knock at the door without opening the door all the way.  A privacy latch is typically affixed to the frame of an interior door and allows occupants an additional method to restrict access to their room. With the additional privacy, the occupant can discreetly see who’s outside by only having to partially open the door.

Benefits of privacy latches include:

  • Easy to install, simple to operate

  • ADA Compliant

  • Enhances room privacy

  • Aesthetic appearance

  • UL Classified as a fire door accessory

Additional Pemko Products

Floor Molding

Pemko also offers floor molding and trim products, which ensure a smooth transition for your floor to stairs, another floor, or walls. The products include:

  • Carpet Bars -  Protect and provide a neat trim for the edge of carpet.

  • Seam Binding -  Covers seams and joins in linoleum, tile, carpet, and other floor coverings.

  • Stair Nosing - Protects and improves the appearance of stair edges.

  • Edging - Protects and provides neat trim for the edge of linoleum, tile, and other floor coverings.

  • Oak Carpet Trim - Covers and protects carpet edges to provide a finished appearance and prevent fraying. It also covers seams between two surfaces of different height.


Frame-Related Products

Parts for door frames include fillers, shims, glazing beads, reinforcements for door closers, and flush bolt strike tabs.

Acoustic Solutions

Every day our ears are met with a barrage of sounds, many of which can be disruptive, that need to be controlled. 

In order to reduce the transmission of sound through and around an acoustic door, gasketing materials are added to mitigate any type of sound transference from the transmission room to the receiving room. The resulting change in decibel level is the sound transmission loss, and is given as an Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating. 

The higher the STC rating, the lower the transmission of sound. The STC rating is roughly the decibel reduction a partition can provide. For instance, if a 100 dB noise is reduced to 55 dB, that opening roughly has an STC-45 rating.

Products for Acoustic Solutions

Pemko has performed extensive acoustic testing with their products. Various gasketing systems are used on openings with STC Ratings from the low-30’s and into the high-50’s. 

Some products for acoustic solutions include:

  • Acoustic Thresholds: designed to provide a consistent seal at the bottom of the door which aids with a opening’s STC rating. Acoustic thresholds are especially useful in areas where noise levels are different, such as a door from a factory to a conference room, or from a music classroom or theater to the hallway.

  • Saddle Thresholds: Use with Pemko Automatic Door Bottoms for a smooth, even sealing surface to provide optimal acoustic performance.

  • Automatic Door Bottoms - Acoustic: Provides excellent performance for acoustic openings. The quad-finned gasket provides multiple chambers to trap and deaden sound waves which stops transference. The recommended gap under the door is 3/8” for optimal acoustic performance; the maximum drop for the product is ¾”.

  • Door Shoes: Mounted to the bottom of the door, door shoes provide a helpful seal at the bottom of the door. The 3692 door shoe is ideal for acoustic openings because it’s double row of triple-finned gaskets offer several chambers to trap and deaden sound waves. Use a flat saddle to create a positive sealing surface that ensures maximum acoustic performance.

  • Perimeter Gasketing: Seals the gaps between the door and frame, eliminating or drastically reducing sound transmission allowing an opening to achieve its best possible operable STC rating. 

Acoustic Seal Sets

Pemko Acoustic Seal Sets help create quieter environments by sealing the space around the door on all sides. Each set includes acoustic gasketing, a door bottom or threshold, and a complete set of installation instructions intended to guide proper installation for the best acoustic performance.

These Pemko solutions are lab-tested to determine sound reduction and

have known decibel drops when used with Sound Transmission Class (STC) doors. Our solutions are offered in various sets to eliminate guesswork and to make it easier to meet the STC rating required of any opening. 

To determine the appropriate Pemko Acoustic Seal Set for your opening, locate the column in the chart which shows the sealed-in-place rating of the STC rated door being used. Next review the decibel drop numbers to find the seal set(s) that will result in the desired operable STC rating.

Energy Efficiency 

Pemko products make a complete energy efficient sealing solution which includes door bottoms, astragals, meeting stiles, brush gasketing, perimeter gasketing, and thermal barrier thresholds. 

Thermal Barrier Thresholds: Include a rigid polypropylene key which separates two pieces of aluminum. This eliminates the transfer of hot and cold temperatures from one side of the threshold to the other, eliminating the need for additional cooling on hot days or condensation buildup on cold/freezing days.

Latching Panic Exit Saddle Thresholds: Utilize an integrated stop to provide a consistent seal across the width of the opening. This helps to reduce the intrusion of the external environment on a building's internal environment which helps to save on energy costs.

Perimeter and Meeting Edge Gaskets: Tested for air and smoke leakage and are GreenGuard certified, helping to make your opening more energy efficient and more sustainable during the product's usage. 

Door Shoes and Sweeps: Used to seal the gap between the door's bottom rail and the finished floor or threshold, which reduces the amount of air coming in or moving out under the door. 

ADA Compliant Products

The ASSA ABLOY Pemko line includes many products such as modular ramps, thresholds, and automatic door bottoms that can help your building meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Thresholds: Many Pemko threshold models meet the requirements for ANSI/A117.1 and ADAAG for barrier free entries. The Pemko 2009_PK Panic Threshold features a unique gradual slope that makes maneuvering over the threshold more easily. It is the best choice on the market today for ADA compliance. 

The patented threshold features a 1:2 sloped gasket design, providing a high-performance seal at the bottom of the door as well as an easy transition to the integrated stop in the threshold.

To see other models that are ADA-compliant, please look for this symbol on our website and in our catalog.

Modular Ramps: Ramp thresholds are often used to transition offset floor conditions. These shapes are designed to meet the requirements for accessibility. ADA-compliant aluminum and rubber ramps provide wheelchair access in public access doorways. All Pemko ramps are ADA compliant. 

Mortised and Semi-Mortised Automatic Door Bottoms: These models allow the pull-side face of the door to remain flush while offering a mechanical sealing method for the underside of the door. Automatic door bottoms offer an excellent functional seal without dragging a gasket across the flooring surface.

PemKote™ Finish: Pemko’s innovative PemKote surface application turns any threshold or ramp surface into a stable, non-skid surface. The PemKote material is fused into the top layer of the threshold, providing a durable and long-lasting finish. This coating can be applied to the surface of aluminum, brass, or stainless steel thresholds and ramps.

Innovation: PemKonnect Modular Hinge

Pemko designed the PemKonnect™ modular hinge to ship in two or three pieces which connect to form an 83- or 95-inch continuous hinge. Pemko’s modular hinges have the same number of bearings and will support doors of the same weight as traditional continuous hinges.

PemKonnect™ hinges work exactly like our traditional, full mortise or full surface continuous geared hinges, but without inconveniences that arise when shipping and transporting longer boxes. 

PemKonnect™ modular hinges come in three profiles:

  • FM_HD Full Mortise Hinge: Designed mainly for new door applications, these hinges are made from heavy duty anodized aluminum. This model is BHMA-certified and fire-rated to UL10c for positive pressure.

  • FM_SLF-HD Full Mortise Hinge: These hinges are ideal for doors that range between 1 ¾” to 2 ¼” or for double door applications to keep the faces of each door flush. This model is BHMA-certified and fire-rated to UL10c for positive pressure. 

  • FS_HD Full Surface Hinge: Designed mainly for retrofit work, these hinges can be applied to the exposed surfaces of the door and frame. This model is especially suitable to use when replacing butt hinges in an opening. This model is also BHMA-certified and fire-rated to UL10c for positive pressure. 

Top Commercial Contractor Installation Questions

Q. What type of glue to use for rubber ramps?

A: We recommend using an adhesive (caulk) suitable for use with plastics and your flooring material. Do not use Liquid Nails.

Q. What type of mastic to use for thresholds?

A: Use a construction mastic with acrylic properties.

Q. How does the Automatic Door Bottom function, because mine is only dropping on one side?

A: The side closest to the plunger drops first and, with pressure applied to the gasket, the drop bar will level itself out and drop the opposite side. 

Get more details in our Architectural Door Accessories Catalog.

Q. How much does the ADB drop?

A: For most Automatic Door Bottoms (Except 420 & residential), the maximum drop is ¾” with recommended gap at ½”. For the 420, the recommended gap is 1/8”-3/8” since the maximum drop is ½”.

Q. How do I shim out my barn door system for trim upon opening?

A: If the system has track brackets offered by Pemko that can be used for shimming, purchase those separately. Or you can use wood such as a 1x6 painted the same color as the wall or track.

Q. What is the overlap on a pocket frame kit?

A: The pocket frame kit is built around the door, so you don’t need to undercut the door. The kits are for NET size doors and standardly have a ¾” overlap at the pocket with the trim applied.  

Q. What is the clearance for Markar hinges?

A: The noted hinge clearance is +1/8” for the lock and +1/16” for frame irregularities. 

See clearance chart here:  AADSS1004235 (assaabloyusa.com)

Q. What is the clearance for the PemkoHinge™?

A: The noted hinge clearance is +1/8” for the lock and +1/16” for frame irregularities.

Q. Do you use square or beveled edge doors for Pemko & Markar hinges?

A: All Pemko & Markar Hinges are standard for square edge doors (on the hinge side of the door). If using a door with a beveled edge on the hinge side, additional clearances are required. All Pemko & Marker Hinges may be used on doors with beveled edges at the lock-side edges with appropriate clearances. Contact Tech Support for more information.

Q. Can I use an Automatic Door Bottom at the top of the door?

A: Yes, the auto door bottoms are spring activated in lieu of gravity so they will function at the top of a door.

Q. Do you have an auto door bottom for a sliding door?

A: Yes, we offer the Planet SN door bottom that is designed for sliding doors. 

To learn more about products, or to place an order, contact the Pemko support team.