Built to Conceal Hardware: The Pemko Hide Slide™ Door

The Pemko Hide Slide is a durable and versatile system that conceals the sliding door hardware to ensure a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. With the hardware hidden from sight, this door appears to be floating as it seamlessly glides across the door opening. With the ability to overcome common wall irregularities, Pemko’s Hide Slide is easy to install and aesthetically innovative.

How Pemko Hide Slide Hardware Works

The Hide Slide is the perfect addition to your interior door systems. It is much quieter and easier to operate than other sliding door systems, and can support doors up to 176 lbs and 31 to 71 inches wide. Visible, clunky hardware on a door can ruin the whole design of a room, which is why Pemko designed the Hide Slide to include all necessary features of a sliding door without any visible hardware. 

 The Hide Slide comes with:

  • 1 Aluminum Track that sits inside of the L-notch at the back of the door

  • 2 Soft Close Devices to ensure a quiet and gentle close

  • 2 Back up Safety Stops hidden inside the track

  • 2 Bottom Wheels for support

  • 1 Bottom Guide + Channel Insert

  • 1 Top Hanger installed behind the door

  • 2 End Caps for a sleek appearance

  • 2 Top Wall Guides for seamless opening

  • Have carpet floors? No worries, Pemko offers an optional 18/1A Mill Aluminum Bottom  Track to help your sliding door move quietly and easily with carpeting.

The Soft Close Mechanism

The Hide Slide’s soft open and close mechanism solves problems for doors that see frequent or aggressive use. The soft open and close function brings the door to a gentle, controlled and quiet stop, which reduces the damage caused by slamming doors and extends the life of the door and its supporting hardware.  

“Soft close devices are incredibly beneficial sliding door options that improve performance and safety at the opening, while extending the life of the door and hardware,” says Anne Baumann, Product Manager for Pemko Sliding Door Hardware, ASSA ABLOY.

Where Do Hide Slide Doors Work Best?

The practicality and minimalist aesthetic of these doors makes them suitable for many different applications. Hide Slide doors are well-suited for applications such as health care buildings, senior and assisted living homes, and childcare facilities. They are also ideal for places where space is limited, such as offices, high residential areas, hotels, and multi-family housing. 

Hide Slide Installation

Benefits of Hide Slide Hardware 

In addition to the soft open and close function, and the hiding of hardware to maintain an elegant, simplistic aesthetic, benefits of the Pemko Hide Slide include:

  • Meets ADA requirements

  • Track can be cut to fit 31 to 71 inch doors

  • Hidden back-up safety stops ensure door closes safely

  • Anti-rise does not require a tool to engage/disengage

  • Six-way adjustable hanger

  • Bottom wheel material reduces friction

  • Saves space

  • Easier to install than other sliding door systems

"It was our pleasure to install the “Hidden Track" sliding door at your facility. The installation instructions made the install very easy to complete. Step by step processes and guides are furnished and very well detailed. The product was very impressive, and when completed provided an excellent look to any door or doorway.

  — Justin Harris, Installer

Add Rockwood Door Pulls to Complete the Look

Rockwood creates a variety of door pulls that work well with the Hide Slide door. Flush pulls are recommended to maintain the most minimal design. 

Rockwood Architectural Flush Pull
Rockwood Small Door Pull
Rockwood Small Flush Pull
Rockwood Knurled Door Pull

For additional Rockwood pulls, view our catalog.

Not sure where to get started with your sliding door? We offer a variety of guides and products to help. Take a look at our Sliding Door Hardware guide or contact us for more information.