PemKonnect™ Modular Hinge


Ever had to carry a continuous hinge through a job site and get stuck on a freight elevator? If you’re a locksmith or new construction builder, then you’ve probably dealt with some inconveniences when shipping and storing continuous hinges due to their length. 

The PemKonnect™ Modular hinge offers an innovative solution that ships in a smaller box, making it easier to transport these long hinges. 

What is a Pemko Modular Hinge?

Pemko designed the modular hinge to ship in two- or three-lengths that connect to form an 83- or 95-inch continuous hinge. The modular hinge is just as strong and durable as a traditional  continuous hinge, just without high shipping costs and inconvenient storage. 

Connect the PemKonnect™ hinge to create a 95-inch continuous hinges

The PemKonnect™ hinge is also easy to install for any locksmith or builder, whether they’re working with a tall, heavy door, or replacing a damaged hinge. 

Due to their extra-long length, it’s difficult to carry and maneuver traditional continuous hinges  on certain job sites. Depending on your warehouse or storage setup, it’s also a bit more difficult to store these hinges as easily because of their long packaging. 

See how easily the PemKonnect modular continuous hinge fits through doorways and elevators: 

A modular hinge uses separate segments that connect through a linking mechanism at the end, creating a long, yet more convenient continuous hinge. 

Why Modular Hinges Work Best

Pemko modular hinges work exactly like our traditional, full mortise or full surface continuous hinges, but without inconveniences that arise when shipping and transporting longer boxes. 

New modular, continuous hinge comes in two lengths to save space, time, and money.


The innovative design splits the length of the hinge in half. With shorter segments, Pemko can ship modular continuous hinges in smaller boxes and on a standard 45- by 40-inch pallet.

The modular hinge makes it easy to work on job sites and warehouses, as well as transport through freight elevators. You also pay less in shipping and handling costs as the boxes are standard sizes. 

Pemko Modular Hinges: Connect & Install 

Pemko Modular Hinges come in either two or three segments, depending on what hinge you order, that connect to form one long continuous geared hinge. For the 83-inch model, two segments measuring 40 inches and 43 inches respectively form an 83-inch continuous hinge once connected via Pemko’s smart linking mechanism. 

For the 95-inch full mortise modular option, a 12-inch extension segment is included with the 40-inch and 43-inch segments . With this additional modular extension piece, Pemko has a well rounded offering of modular continuous hinge lengths.

Here is a look at how easy it is to connect these segments so it’s ready to install in seconds. 

Types of Pemko Modular Hinges

Pemko modular hinges come in three profiles, each with two finishes to choose from. It’s easy to find the exact modular hinge that matches your project. 

FM_HD Full Mortise Hinge

These hinges are made from heavy duty anodized aluminum. The Pemko FM HD Full Mortise Hinges are designed mainly for new door applications . This model is also BHMA-certified and fire-rated at UL10C for positive pressure. These hinges are also fire rated

A variety of finishes are available for this traditional continuous hinge, while the modular hinge option comes in two finishes: clear and dark anodized aluminum. 

FM_SLF-HD Full Mortise Hinge

The full mortise short leaf flush continuous hinge also is available with a modular version made from anodized aluminum. These hinges are ideal for doors that range between 1 ¾” to 2 ¼” or for double door applications to keep the faces of the door flush. 

Like the Pemko FM_HD hinge, this model is also BHMA and UL certified, and offers the same finishes that are available for the modular hinge option. 

FS_ Full Surface Hinge

If you’re looking for a retrofit continuous hinge, modular hinges are also available with the Pemko full surface hinge. These hinges can be applied to the exposed surfaces of the door and frame.

For example, if you have a butt hinge door that you want to remove and replace with a continuous hinge, a full surface hinge would be the optimal choice . These geared hinges are standard duty anodized aluminum. 

Like other hinges mentioned above, this version is also BHMA certified and fire rated. 


Quick Facts on Pemko Continuous Geared Hinges

  • Pemko continuous hinges are ANSI/BHMA and UL certified.

  • Hollow metal, tin-clad, sheet metal, and steel-covered composite types received a fire rating up to 3 hours.

  • Wood-covered composite types rated up to 1.5 hours. 

  • Pemko hinges are guaranteed for the life of the opening against any defects in materials and workmanship, except in cases where the product has its own warranty (AL, RS, standard duty, and Grade 3 hinges).


Start Your Next Project with Easy-to-Use Pemko Modular Hinges

If you’re looking for an easier way to transport and store continuous hinges, the PemKonnect modular hinge is the best choice. These hinges offer locksmiths, wholesalers, and builders easier movement through job sites and freight elevators. 

Looking to order the PemKonnect modular hinge today? Contact Pemko support for more details.