Your Inside Guide to Hospitality Doors and Privacy Latches


Hotels deal with all kinds of guests checking in and out, as well as the regular traffic from staff, vendors, and day-only guests. In-room privacy door latches are essential to hotel room privacy, but they also work in other applications such as university dormitories, military housing, and apartment residences. 

A privacy latch is typically affixed to an interior door and allows occupants an additional method to restrict access to their room. With the additional privacy, the occupant can discreetly see who’s outside by only having to partially open the door.

Hotels, dormitories, executive offices, and other spaces in need of in-room privacy are protected with a PDLAA Pemko privacy door latch.

It’s also beneficial to use a modern design for privacy latches, ensuring that it’s durable and UL Classified for use on fire-rated openings. We explain why new PDLAA privacy door latches work best in the hospitality industry and the importance of choosing one with a third-party certification for use on fire-rated openings to avoid disasters. 

Pemko Privacy Door Latches Explained

Privacy door latches are made for ensuring residents or hotel guests can identify a knock at the door without opening the door all the way. Known as in-room privacy latches or simply PDLs, Pemko offers a contemporary and more modern design to the industry. 

Due to the design of the new PDLAA latch, the door cannot be held open, which is in accordance with NFPA 80 requirements. This also mitigates damage to the door and frame. The addition of silicone bumpers add extra protection to the door face when the latch is in use.

Match Your Style

Pemko’s latch comes in a variety of finishes to compliment many door styles and interior décor, including chrome, satin brass, black suede powder, satin chrome, or polished brass. 

Modern Pemko Privacy Latches vs Old Style Door Privacy Guards

While older hotel rooms may use flip latches, sliding chains, or door guards, these are often outdated and don't allow for visitor identification. Additionally, old style flip latches and chains don't comply with current building codes.


With a modern PDLAA privacy door latch, you can conveniently open the door slightly and identify the person knocking more effectively.

Design of the Pemko Privacy Door Latch

With the increased focus on building aesthetics, people are seeking a more modern design for privacy latches. The new Pemko PDLAA latch provides a contemporary look to this hardware which isn't available anywhere else.

Pemko's PDLAA latch comes in a variety of colors to suit the room décor perfectly, which is important to the hotel room experience. Finishes include satin or polished chrome, satin or polished brass, and the popular black suede finish.

Ratings and Certifications

Fire-rated openings must only use hardware, with a comparable or acceptable rating for that opening. The privacy latches, whether they're the old style flip latches, chain door guards, or latches like Pemko's PDLAA, must be rated equally with the rating of the door. 

The PDLAA is UL Classified as Miscellaneous Fire Door Hardware, so the marketplace can be confident knowing this product meets building code requirements for their space. 

Pemko customers can rest assured that all products are tested, certified, and rated as follows:

  • UL classification (US/Canada) - Miscellaneous Fire Door Hardware
  • ADA compliant - when installed in compliance with A117.1 for reach ranges
  • NFPA 80 - does not interfere or prohibit proper operation of a fire-rated door; doors are not blocked or wedged in the open position

Benefits of Choosing a Privacy Door Latch

When we redesigned the Pemko PDL, we wanted to create a versatile privacy latch for hospitality buildings that would look stylish and modern, refreshing the look of door hardware in a building's space.

The biggest benefit of using the privacy door latch is the comfort your guests will feel when they're in a room with a door equipped with this hardware. With the latch engaged, the guest may open the door a fraction of an inch to address the person on the other side of the door without the need to open the door fully. 

Older style latches and guards allow the door to open further, giving an intruder access to a greater portion of the hardware. 

The best privacy latches include benefits like:

  • Easy to install
  • Comes with installation supplies
  • UL-classified fire door accessory
  • Enhanced for in-room privacy
  • ADA compliant
  • Easy push operation 
  • Sleek steel design
  • Meets NFPA 80 requirements
  • Aesthetic finish, including brass, chrome, and black suede

Peace of Mind

Privacy and security for hotel buildings can be complex, but hotel room guests can feel more comfortable knowing their entry door is equipped with an in-room privacy latch. Additionally, these latches also work for dormitories, executive offices, and any other space with doors in need of an update in privacy from within. 

Component-Based Systems and Privacy Doors

Hotels require different types of doors to protect guests and prevent savvy criminals from taking advantage of old door tech. Regardless of where you need these PDLAA latches in your building, privacy doors typically need security hinges and latches with a self-closing device for the best results. 

Even doors with multiple security components could still benefit from having a privacy door latch as they are extremely durable. Their installation can also prevent damage to the frame and door itself, while also meeting NFPA requirements. 

Importance of a Fire-Rated Assembly

Building codes indicate when a door, frame, wall, and other hardware are required to be fire-rated. Hotel rooms are often required to have a fire partition (the entry door) to keep the occupying guest safe from possible disaster in the event of a fire. So, it's important to ensure all materials used on that fire-rated door are also tested for fire resistance to assure these materials won't become fuel in a fire event.

Privacy Door Latch Installation

Pemko privacy locks must be mounted flush on the door side of the jamb face. When installed per manufacturer’s directions, privacy door latches are a simple and contemporary way to ensure in-room privacy for all guests.


  • PDL installation guides are included with each product and are readily available, providing successful installation guidance to on-site installers.
  • In addition, we include a self-stick mylar label template with marked pilot drill holes for accurate frame installation.

NOTE: ASSA ABLOY is available to provide answers to questions via email or customer hotline.

Privacy and Comfort

The new Pemko PDLAA ensures exceptional in-room privacy and comfort of your occupants. In addition to helping prevent door damage and meeting NFPA 80 requirements.

So, whether guest or resident, this durable fire door accessory is a must have for worry free operation of hospitality businesses, hotels, university dorms, military housing, and private residences alike.

To find out how to get privacy latches for your building, contact an ASSA ABLOY associate. We’re here to help.