Fantom Hardware’s Magnetic Door Stop Now Available Through Rockwood Manufacturing

Door stops are essential for any home or workplace, but normally they protrude from the wall in an unappealing fashion, and can also be a tripping hazard. The Rockwood 495 Fantom Magnetic Door Stop offers a simple and modern way to quickly keep your door in the right place through its sleek and innovative design.

ASSA ABLOY is proud to be partnering with Fantom Hardware by offering the incredible, concealed Fantom Magnetic Hidden Door Stop to their clientele.  

“Myself and the team at Fantom Hardware are extremely pleased to be working with Rockwood/ASSA ABLOY in the United States. Having our highly popular Fantom Door Stop available through Rockwood will greatly broaden our customer base, allowing us to service more customers than ever before.

Our Fantom Door Stop range has continued to show why it is the #1 door stop of choice among architects, designers and specifiers around the world, now being available in over 80 countries. We look forward to bringing many more innovative products into the Rockwood catalog over the years to come.” 

— Mark Sellar, Founder and CEO, Fantom Hardware 

What is the Fantom Magnetic Hidden Door Stop?

The Rockwood 495 Fantom Magnetic Hidden Door stop is a concealed, modern door stop that uses the power of magnets to pop up when you’re ready to keep your door in place. It is a door stop and a hold-open device solution in one cost-effective product.The Fantom door stop installs flush to the ground, ensuring a sleek finish, and removing any tripping hazards. 

The Rockwood 495 Fantom Magnetic Hidden Door Stop is very simple to install, as it only requires drilling one hole in the bottom of the door to hold the powerful, rare-earth magnet, and one hole in the floor to hold the pin. As the door swings over the pin in the floor, the magnet in the door causes the pin to spring up, and hold the door in position. With Fantom Door Stops, you’ll never have to worry about your door hitting the wall or closing on you.


Benefits of Fantom Door Stops

  • Easy installation

  • Removes tripping hazards

  • Multiple finishes to be offered including clear, 26D Satin Chrome, black 

  • Strong and durable

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Flush mounted

  • Easy to clean around

  • 3-in-1 modern finish

  • Suitable for single or double doors 

Where Do Fantom Magnetic Hidden Door Stops Work Best?
These door stops work well in healthcare, hospitality, multi-family, and commercial applications.

Learn more about the Fantom Magnetic Hidden Door Stop.

"The Rockwood/ASSA ABLOY team is excited to partner with Fantom Hardware in the addition of the Fantom Door Stop to our accessories offering. Rockwood’s product line delivers innovation and quality to the architectural hardware space for commercial, institutional, and finer residential buildings.

The Fantom Door Stop is a great fit to our portfolio helping to underscore the innovation, quality, and aesthetic appeal sought after by architects and designers. We are very pleased to be working with the Fantom Hardware team, and look forward to the addition of this unique door stop technology to our comprehensive accessories line.”

—  Cris Post, General Manager, Rockwood Manufacturing

The Fantom Door Stop is maintenance free, and provides a sleek, modern finish. Contact us for more information about door stops.