Say Hello to Hands-Free Door Pulls and Fewer Germs


Did you know that one door knob with viral germs can spread to 40 to 60 percent of workers and other surfaces within hours? With the concern for virus transmission rising, businesses are looking for hands-free door solutions to build a better and healthier environment for customers and employees. 

Rockwood hands-free door pulls provide a safe way to interact with doors. Facility managers can install these pulls to reduce the spread of germs, creating a more hygienic workplace for all. 

How Hands-Free Door Pulls Help Businesses

There’s always that one door that seems too suspect to touch with your bare hands. From the bathroom to the front door of a busy shop to the sticky break room door knob, these areas need hands-free door hardware. 

  • Inhibits spread of germs

  • Easy to operate with your foot or arm

  • Durable and long-lasting

One study in 2014 found that viral germs spread to 40 to 60% of all office workers with traces found on other objects and surfaces within the office building. The virus was later found on tabletops, door knobs, light switches, phones, and computer equipment. 

Hands-free door solutions completely remove the fear of having to touch these high-traffic door handles. Primary entrances are often the worst culprits for germs. 

As workplaces implement new processes and safer business practices to avoid the spread of germs, hands-free door operation has quickly become one of the best ways to create a more hygienic environment. 

Stop the Spread of Germs with Hands-Free Door Pulls

There are so many benefits to hands-free door operation. One of the most often touched surfaces in the workplace is door hardware. 

Hands-free door openings remove skin-to-surface touch points that may cause the spread of germs. However, it’s also more convenient to open doors without your hands for other reasons. 

Benefits of Hands-Free Door Pulls

Safer Business Entrances

If you don’t want to constantly fight against germs, changing your door hardware to hands-free is the perfect place to start. Safe entryways and exits should be essential for your public spaces, but it’s also important for high-traffic areas within your building, particularly employee bathrooms and conference rooms. 

In busy areas, door handle bacteria is a significant problem. Grabbing the door handle in public spaces can be daunting for people who hate germs, which is why hands-free solutions like foot handles and arm pulls are much safer. 

Reduce Sanitation Needs

While you may want to constantly sanitize surfaces and dedicate sanitation stations throughout your building to stop the spread of germs, many businesses have noticed an increase in sanitation costs. 

Hands-free door hardware can reduce the need to continuously sanitize all surfaces and help protect employees who may take on sanitation duties on their own to reduce the spread of the germs. 

Combat Office Contagions

Multiple studies have found that E.coli and noroviruses are commonly found on door knobs. Even with the best hygiene, you may get sick just because you touched the same door knob as someone else battling a cold.

To stop the spread of germs, hands-free door implementation makes sense. Since customers and employees no longer have to touch the door handle, they’re not spreading as many germs on other surfaces or to others inside the workplace. 

Convenient Entryways 

The latest hands-free door hardware is much easier to operate than before. For example, you can easily hook your arm, toes, or foot to open the door.

Arm pulls can also be installed above a traditional door pull for a quick, hands-free option. These sturdy pulls are made with stainless steel and may also come with through bolt fasteners to ensure long-lasting durability. 


Hands-Free Door Pull Types: Foot & Arm Pulls

The most common way to open a door is with your hand, or is it? New low-touch foot handles and arm pulls offer easy ways to open doors without skin-to-surface touch points. 

Foot Pull

In the past, touch-free foot handles were typically installed in restrooms. However, previous models weren’t always convenient to use. 

With a new design, Rockwood created a sturdier foot pull with a stainless steel grip that made it easy to place your foot on the grip and pull the door open. In addition, the design allowed you to put your toe underneath the door pull to open the door. 

Arm Pulls

The beauty of an arm pull is that you don’t have to use your hand and fingers to touch the door handle. Instead, you can slip your wrist or arm through the pull to open the door. 

Recommended Rockwood Hands-Free Solutions

If you’re looking for simple ways to create hands-free door openings in your building, then Rockwood offers a multitude of durable options in multiple finishes. These hands-free door pulls have also been tested and work well within all high-traffic areas, including schools, hospitals, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas. 

Rockwood FP1230 Foot Pull

The Rockwood FP1230 foot pull is built with stainless steel and provides a top grip that you can easily step on to pull the door open. These door pulls are installed with a 3 1/16” clearance and 3 1/4" projection. A flat head machine screw sex bolt is used to fasten these to the bottom of your door. 

These foot pulls offer various finishes including satin MicroShield® coated stainless steel, satin stainless steel, dark oxidized satin bronze (equivalent), black suede powder coat, or white suede powder coat. To bring more attention to this hands-free option, Rockwood offers custom powder coating in the color of your choice.

Rockwood AP1140 & AP1141 Arm Pulls

The Rockwood AP1140 and AP1141 are designed with similar intentions. These can be mounted above a pre-existing door handle to provide a hands-free operation or replace a door handle with a hands-free arm pull. 

Both arm pulls offer various finishes including satin MicroShield coated stainless steel, satin stainless steel, dark oxidized satin bronze (equivalent), black suede powder coat, or white suede powder coat. 

Rockwood AP1007 Arm Pull with Plate

Sometimes, you may want an arm pull that allows you to rest your arm on top of the handle, pulling the door open comfortably. The Rockwood AP1007 is designed just for that purpose and comes with a backplate to ensure durable operation. 

Choose hands-free door pulls from Rockwood

This arm pull comes with various finishes including satin MicroShield coated stainless steel, satin stainless steel, dark oxidized satin bronze (equivalent), black suede powder coat, or white suede powder coat. 

Rockwood 193 Hand/Arm Pull 

For a door pull that works for both hand and arm operation, the 193 Hand/Arm Pull offers more convenience that won’t slow down your door operation. 

Choose Rockwood touchless door pulls, such as the hands-free arm pull

Finishes include polished brass, satin brass, satin bronze, satin oxidized bronze, dark oxidized satin bronze, black suede powder coat, white suede powder coat, polished chrome-plated brass, satin chrome-plated brass, satin stainless steel, and satin MicroShield coated stainless steel. 

Decorative Hands-Free Door Pulls

A selection of our most popular decorative door pulls can be configured with extended posts and/or closer posts, to easily allow for your arm to be placed above, below, or through the pull, limiting touchpoints. These pulls feature a straight design with a rounded or flat edge and are made from top-grade materials.

Each door pull also comes with multiple finish options, including polished brass, satin brass, satin bronze, dark oxidized satin bronze (oil rubbed), dark oxidized satin bronze (equivalent),  black suede powder coat, white suede powder coat, clear anodized aluminum, polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel, dark bronze anodized aluminum, or black anodized aluminum.

Selections from Rockwood touchless door pulls include:

Create Safer Entrances for Your Building with Hands-Free Solutions

The first impression of your business is to build confidence and trust with your customers and clients. Hands-free door operation is convenient and easy to implement with Rockwood door hardware. 

Learn more about Rockwood hands-free solutions or contact Rockwood support for easy ordering and more options. 

Rockwood Hands-Free Door Pulls are part of a continuum of Safer2Open™ low-touch and touchless door hardware solutions from ASSA ABLOY.