Rockwood Door Hardware Guide

Rockwood is an ASSA ABLOY group brand that offers a variety of customizable door hardware to help you find the perfect option for your needs. All of Rockwood’s products are quality-tested, so you can be sure that you're getting the best possible product.

History of Rockwood

Rockwood Manufacturing was founded in rural Pennsylvania by the Gurzenda family in 1946. Rockwood’s main focus is designing and manufacturing high-quality door hardware for commercial, institutional, and high-end residential buildings. 

Rockwood commemorated their 75th year in business last year, and have been a part of the ASSA ABLOY Group brand since 2008.  Over the years, Rockwood consistently offers products that are highly functional and durable, while maintaining a keen focus on aesthetics.

Rockwood Products 

Rockwood offers a variety of decorative and functional door pulls and accessories for your building project. We have a wide selection to choose from, and each product is high-quality and designed with lasting durability in mind. 

Architectural Door Pulls

Architectural door pulls made by Rockwood are strong, distinctive, and blend functionality and beauty to create the interior of your dreams. Although a door pull may seem like a small detail, they can significantly alter the way a building feels overall, as they are the first impression a person has upon entering any establishment. 

Rockwood door pulls can be made in a variety of grip shapes, grip types, end shapes, materials, and more. 

Some of Rockwood’s most popular decorative door pulls include leather, wood, classic, and custom door pulls. 

  • Leather: ​​Rockwood's one-of-a-kind leather door pulls are handcrafted by skilled artisans using the best bridle and upholstery leathers available. These door pulls are manufactured in-house, and can be created in custom colors to suit your design requirements.

    Rockwood’s leather door pulls are available in brass, bronze, and stainless steel base materials with a broad selection of architectural finishes to fit your design needs. 

  • Wood: The AborMet and ArborTek pulls from Rockwood combine the durability of solid brass and steel with the warm feel and rich tones of wood. Mahogany, Canary, and Walnut are among the finest wood selections that Rockwood offers.

  • Classic: Rockwood offers traditional style pulls that feature finials, variable lengths, and optional base plates as custom elements to enrich the classic style.

  • Custom: Rockwood can also make fully custom door pulls to ensure that the door pull is the perfect fit for your building.

For more options, view the full Rockwood Architectural Door Pull Catalog.  

Architectural Panic Devices 

Since safety is an essential part of a building’s design, panic devices are important to take into consideration. 

The Rockwood panic device offers a quick and easy exit with a push bar design. It combines flawless design with greater security and superior strike engagement. 

​​These panic devices are designed for architects who desire better optical quality for their door hardware than what is currently available for regular exit hardware. 

Some of the features included with the Rockwood panic device include:

  • Flat security latch 

  • Engraved latch lines for greater security 

  • Engraved push area with boundary grooves

  • Adjustable stops on strikes

  • Custom powder coat options available 

For complete details on our PDU8500 Storefront Devices, click here. For all glass entrances, click here for our PDU8000. 

Hands-free Door Pulls

Rockwood offers hands-free door pulls, creating a safe option for opening doors that limits the spread of germs. 

Rockwood’s hands-free door pulls are available in the form of an arm pull or a foot pull. Both of these options make it so that you never have to touch the door with your hands. 

Foot Pull: Using a Rockwood foot pull is easy. Simply place your foot on the top grip and pull the door open, and put your toe underneath and pull the door towards you.

Arm Pull: To use a Rockwood arm pull, you will slip your arm into through the pull to open the door. These door pulls are ideal for restrooms, entrances, corridors, or any door with a pre-existing door pull.

Lites & Louvers

ASSA ABLOY’s lites and louvers for standard wood and metal doors satisfies designer requirements for both functionality and aesthetics. Rockwood’s lites and louvers are available in a variety of powder finishes. The Beveled Lite Kits are made from Galvanneal steel, with the option to add security screws.

View more details in our Lites and Louvers catalog. 


Rockwood creates custom signage for public and commercial spaces. 

Signage to choose from includes: 

  • Card holders

  • Engraved signage

  • Foil adhesive signage

  • Tactile signage

Essential Door Protection Hardware

Door protection hardware shields a door's surface from harm, protecting both the door and its finish. Essential door protection hardware is typically used in commercial, institutional, and medical facilities. 

To create a fire-rated solution, you can install door protection plates and guards with a rating of NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. 

Here are the different types of essential door protection hardware. 

Kick Plates

Kick plates provide defense against scratches and dents that occur when doors are frequently pushed open with a foot. In commercial buildings, heavy traffic doors generally have kick plates put on both sides, however they are usually affixed to the push side of the door.

Angle Plates

Angle plates shield the bottom corners and the surface of the door from harm. These have built-in corner protections, which set them apart from normal kick plates.

Door Edges

Although the majority of door edges are normally applied to the surface, you might want to mortise into the door to make the edge flush with the door's face. Door ledges, however, can be formed to overlap kick plates when they are placed to the surface.


Corner Guards

Corner guards are L-shaped guards that will shield one corner of the edge of your door. There are also U-shaped caps that protect both corners of the door edge.

Edge Guards

A door edge guard can be used to protect the ends of a door panel. These are particularly helpful when doors are frequently left open or when things are repeatedly knocking against the door.

Edge guards come in a number of finishes and are constructed of stainless steel from Rockwood. These edges come in L- or U-shapes, mortised or non-mortised.

Latch Protectors

Latch protectors are often positioned on the outside of the door and are typically composed of metal. Latch protectors are typically installed on outswing doors, but when on inswing doors, a distinct latch protection is used that is formed from two pieces of metal in a U-shaped pattern to guard against tampering.

Rockwood Custom Capabilities

Many Rockwood products are able to be customized to fit the needs of your building. Rockwood’s capabilities include metal forming, machining, and finishing. We use state of the art equipment to accomplish efficient manufacturing of production lots from as small as one piece to as large as 10,000 pieces per run. 

Whether it’s a modification of a standard product or a completely unique design, we will quote your design and offer suggestions for best mounting applications. We take special pride in our custom products. For more information, please contact our sales staff.

Custom Machining - Precision fabrication and effective design manufacturing are made possible by computer controlled machining techniques like water jet cutting and milling.

Corporate Identity - Get your company’s name or logo engraved on Rockwood door pulls for a personal touch. 

Custom Casting - Castings provide a unique surface texture to your door pulls, which has the ability to make a positive first impression on anyone who enters your building.  

Custom Bending - Select from a variety of bend radiuses for any type of door pull material. 

Custom Materials - Rockwood offers door pulls in leather, wood, and more in any custom color.

Rockwood Custom Finishing

Rockwood can also make completely custom designs and finishes to ensure that your door pull perfectly matches your desired interior aesthetic.

  • Powder Coating: With customized powder coating, you can give your hardware a splash of color to make it stand out.

  • Electroplating: Electric current is used in this classic method of architectural finishing to deposit a thin metal layer over materials like brass, bronze, or stainless steel.

Types of Finishing

Polished Brass -  Although polished brass has a lovely sheen, it typically does not hold up well outside. On most door pulls and push bars, we use a baked-on clear powder coat that is incredibly durable. 

Stainless Steel - One of the most resilient materials used in construction is stainless steel, although there are many varieties with various qualities and levels of corrosion resistance. Our stainless steel holds up very well in the vast majority of indoor situations and many outdoor environments. The optimum maintenance involves routine water washing.

Our stainless steel finishes come with the option to be made of alloy 316 stainless steel, which has significantly stronger corrosion resistance than the conventional stainless steels typically used in door hardware since it contains molybdenum and additional nickel. Use of this finish is best in tough environmental conditions seen in urban, industrial, and coastal settings.

Heat-resistant - A coating that is heat resistant is required for exterior hot, sunny areas. We strongly suggest the white powder coat finish (WPC). This tough outer coating is significantly cooler to the touch than stainless steel or other finishes and reflects a large amount of heat rays.

Anti-microbial Protection - The perfect finish for hospitals, schools, labs, assisted living institutions, public restrooms, and other places where bacterial growth needs to be controlled to meet stringent requirements of cleanliness is MicroShield® (US32DMS).

Sustainability of Rockwood Products

When you select a Rockwood stainless steel door pull for your LEED certified building project, you are using a product that is made from 75% post industrial waste and is 100% recyclable. 

These pulls can also usually be refinished to their original appearance any time in the life of the building, eliminating the need for replacement when a renovation is conducted. 

Many of Rockwood’s products hold heath and environmental declarations. 

Health Product Declaration

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) initiative encourages the transparency of providing customers with the material ingredients that are in building products in an attempt to create a more open atmosphere in sustainable building construction.

Building efficiency and general health are becoming more important as green building requirements develop, and HPDs aim to provide a crucial step in planning the development of healthier buildings.

Environmental Product Declaration

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) reports the environmental data of products, based on their life cycle assessment (LCA). 

Keeping in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025 (Type III Environmental Declarations), an EPD® compares products and services according to their impact on the environment, giving consumers transparency about the items. An EPD® can also show how a product or service has become more environmentally friendly over time.

Top 10 Rockwood Installation Questions

Question: Do most Rockwood pulls meet ADA requirements?

Answer:  Yes

Question: Can a 555 Flush Bolt be used in a wood door?

Answer:  The 555 Flush Bolt is not UL rated to be used in a wood door.

Question: Are the 555/557 Flush Bolts sold as a set?

Answer:  No, the product is sold individually, but packaged as a set if ordered together.

Question: Does Rockwood supply lead lining for 550, 555 & 557 Flush Bolts?

Answer: The actual flush bolt cannot have lead lining applied to the flush bolt. Please consult the door manufacturer.

Question:  On a Rockwood Post Mount Pull, can I field replace an existing post?

Answer:  Yes, provide order information and advice if straight or offset post is required. 

Question:  Can the brass casting be modified to a longer length on a GeoMetek RM7960 Pull?

Answer:  No, castings cannot be modified for a GeoMetek RM7960.

Question:  How much longer must the 2600 series coordinator mechanism be than the active door?

Answer:  The 2600 series coordinator mechanism must be 4" longer than the active door.

Question:  What are #2601AB & #2601C mounting brackets used for?

Answer:  The 2601AB and the 2601C mounting brackets are used to stop applied hardware, which prevents the inadvertent disabling of the coordinator by fasteners passing through the housing.

Question:  What is the recommended gap between the floor and the bottom of the door when installing a Rockwood 495 Fantom door stop?

Answer:  When installing the Rockwood 495 Fantom Door Stop, it is recommended that the gap does not exceed 9/16".

Question:  What is the warranty on the PDU8500 Rockwood Panic Device?

Answer:  There is 3-year limited warranty for the PDU8500 Panic Device. See ASSA ABLOY Rockwood PDU8500 series warranty for full details.

Rockwood Ordering & Shipping Information

Rockwood products are easy to order through our ordering forms and our WebShop.

ASSA ABLOY offers the convenience of ordering Rockwood products online. Simply download and fill out the form for the product of your choice, and send it to our email:

View all the Rockwood order forms.

Door Accessories WebShop 

The ASSA ABLOY Architectural Door Accessories WebShop provides you with

the convenience of online ordering. 

Key features of the WebShop include:

  • Quick and convenient access through a user-friendly interface

  • Streamlined ordering system

  • Fast reordering with saved order history and copy/paste order feature

    • Flexibility to enter a single or separate purchase orders

    • Free freight with standard shipping on orders larger than $1,750

  • Large depth of inventory with multiple finishes and product configurations

  • Products ship direct from factory

  • Personal training available for you and your team

Get to know your way around the WebShop with these WebShop training videos.


Over 50 kick plates, door pulls, push/pull plates, door stops, flush bolts and latches are included in the Rockwood QuickShip program through our Accessories WebShop. With our QuickShip program, products can be delivered in as little as two days. 

View our QuickShip brochure for the full list of products available for QuickShip. 

West Coast Stocking Program 

Rockwood products are available through our Ventura, California warehouse to make the products more accessible to our West Coast clientele. 

For the full range of products we offer through our West Coast stocking program catalog.

Order Rockwood Products Today

Rockwood is one of the most trusted door hardware brands for its quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Ordering Rockwood products is easy and stress-free, and you can have the products delivered to you within 48 hours with our QuickShip option. 

For more information about Rockwood’s products, or customizing your products, contact the Rockwood support team.