Rockwood Leather Door Pulls


Your choice of doors and hardware make an excellent impression, especially when you choose sophisticated touches like leather door pulls. It’s an unexpected, stunning element that elevates even the most overlooked doorways.

If you’re looking for endless options for architectural door hardware, Rockwood leather pulls blend aesthetic and durability with refined, authentic Italian leather and English bridle leather. 

Top-Quality Leather Door Pulls to Match Any Decor

Handmade and hand-stitched, Rockwood leather pulls combine different door handle shapes and high-end finishes with high-grade, top-grain leather to add an elegant touch to your door that lasts. Rockwood’s top leather products come directly from high-end leather manufacturers, such as Spinneybeck. 



With one of the top tanners in the business, Rockwood has elevated the look of architectural door pulls. Rockwood leather pulls take time and care to create, as each piece is hand-sewn by one talented leather artisan. There are also standard leather colors, ranging from vegetable-tanned burgundy English Bridle leather to black Italian upholstery styles.

Many of Rockwood’s leather pulls feature full grain, aniline dyed Italian leathers from the legendary Spinneybeck. As the world’s leading supplier of high-quality upholstery leather, it’s well known that no other leather compares in quality, color choices, and craftsmanship. 

Take a look at the journey from raw leather to beautiful hand-stitched leather door pull with Rockwood’s legendary craftsman: 


See Rockwood custom pulls for all custom options, whether you’re looking for a special leather color to match your decor or you’d like a unique design. 

Customize Your Leather Door Pulls with Rockwood

There are so many options and ways to create custom leather door pulls to match any aesthetic. Whether you’d like a subdued, natural color palette or you’re looking for bold burgundy and satin stainless steel finishes, all the colors, finishes, and threads are up to you. 

Leather Door Pulls with Many Options

Some of Rockwood’s leather selections include: 

English Bridle Leather

Rockwood’s English Bridle leather pulls are vegetable-tanned and hand-colored. Tightly wrapped and sewn with hand-threaded detailed edges, these leather pulls exude tailored craftsmanship. This durable leather also works for both interior and exterior doors.  

Satin Stainless Steel - US32D



Flush Leather

If looking for clean, contemporary lines, flush leather-wrapped pulls show a smooth sophistication that ends in a metal finish. Fitted and hand-sewn, flush leather door pulls feature several English Bridle leather colors. The touch of genuine leather upgrades any door, and with 9 different finishes, you can custom create your door pulls to match your interior details effortlessly. 


Rockwood leather pulls finishes include: 

Leather Oval

A leather oval door pull offers an ergonomic shape with oval and flat oval ends. Rockwood creates these pulls in standard and full height sizes with partial or full leather wrapping. Exceptionally smooth, genuine English Bridle leather and glove soft upholstery leather combines with multiple powder coats and satin finishes to create the ultimate custom door pull. 


Options available for leather oval door pulls include: 

Upholstery Leather

A simple upgrade to any interior door is the Rockwood Upholstery leather door pull that has the softness of genuine glove leather. With tightly wrapped hand-stitching, these soft leather door pulls are available in satin brass, satin bronze, black or white powder coats, polished stainless steel and many other finishes. These pulls work best with interior doors.






Upholstery Leather GeoMetek

For a modern, geometric door pull, the GeoMetek door pull comes with refined leather wraps and chic finishes, like satin stainless steel, dark oxidized satin bronze equivalent, or black and white suede powder coat. 


Custom Rockwood Leather Door Pull Combinations

Hand-stiched, Genuine Leather Door Pull

Custom leather door pulls from Rockwood


Authentic Tan Leather with Brushed Stainless Steel Metal

Custom leather door pull


Authentic Leather with Brushed Metal

Custom leather door pull


Black Authentic Leather with Brass Finish

Rockwood leather door pull


High-End Leather Door Pulls with Hand-Stitching


It’s rare to find genuine leather and truly hand-sewn leather products, but Rockwood leather pulls feature guaranteed authentic leather and hand-stitching. 



Features of Rockwood Leather Pulls

  • High-quality genuine English Bridle and Italian leather

  • Variety of colors and finishes

  • Full and partial wrap options

  • Custom front-stitching and contrast stitching

  • Custom-made colors from Spinneybeck

  • Multiple styles, ends, and geometric door pull options 

  • Doesn’t fade, tear, pull, or stretch like faux leather 

  • Exterior door pulls also available 

  • Hand-stitched to perfection (no loose threads or machine-stitched defects) 


How Rockwood Leather Door Pulls Fit in Your Space

From boutique hotels to executive suite offices to high-end retail stores and interior rooms, Rockwood leather pulls belong anywhere you’d like a touch of contemporary elegance and sleek customization. 

At Hotel Hugo, Rockwood leather pulls added unique details to the hotel’s specialized decor: 


Customize Your Door Pulls with Rockwood 

Anything is possible with Rockwood architectural door pulls. Whether you’re looking for a simple leather door pull or you’d like a completely unique look with custom combinations of finishes and genuine leather, ASSA ABLOY features every type of door hardware to elevate your space. 

Take a look at Rockwood leather door pull options or contact Rockwood support to inquire about a full suite of custom door hardware for your project.