ASSA ABLOY Architectural Door Accessories Solutions

Markar, McKinney, Pemko and Rockwood product lines provide door hardware to fit a range of applications. Whether you are interested in hinges that can withstand a tornado or door levers that that are built with both hygiene and patient safety in mind, ASSA ABLOY offers the best door accessories to meet your needs.

Acoustic Solutions

Every day our ears are met with a barrage of sounds. ASSA ABLOY has designed interior solutions that provide exceptional acoustic control.

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Sliding Door Solutions

Made for a range of rustic to contemporary spaces, ASSA ABLOY's sliding door solutions take on a classic concept with unique and space-saving designs.

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Rockwood Custom Capabilities

From custom machining to corporate identity personalization, get all of your customized door pushes and pulls from Rockwood.

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Windstorm Solutions

Dangerous weather can strike at any time. Keep your building secure and those within it safe from severe weather with ASSA ABLOY’s certified Tornado Resistant Solutions. 

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Energy Efficiency Solutions

Lower energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and create healthier environments with ASSA ABLOY's Energy Efficient products.

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Behavioral Health Solutions

From hinges to emergency stops, ASSA ABLOY Architectural Door Accessories support your behavioral health facility door hardware needs.

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