An Improved Design for Pemko Aluminum Door Sweeps

The Pemko aluminum door sweeps (Pemko 315_N, 3151_N, 321_N, and 368_N) have been redesigned resulting in a higher level of performance and easier installation. In the legacy design, temporary glue between the gasket and the aluminum retainer was used as an installation aid. In the new and improved design, the gasket is now inserted into the aluminum eliminating the need for temporary glue and improving the product’s performance and robustness. The redesigned door sweeps are packaged as one unit with slotted screw holes for easy and fast installation.

The redesigned door sweeps are nearly identical in appearance compared to the legacy design. When installed, the visual difference is so minimal, users can easily replace an old door sweep with the new design without needing to replace all of the sweeps in the corridor.

As an added benefit, the new design features a gasket in an extruded dense EPDM material. The extruded gasket replaces the neoprene gasket previously used and provides a cleaner, more consistent appearance. The change in gasket material allows the door sweeps to be used on projects where various red-listed substances are not permitted and adds to the Pemko product offering that supports the sustainability efforts of our customers.

(For more information on the expected dates of implementation for each profile please review the announcement below)