McKinney Three Knuckle Stainless Steel Concealed Circuit and ElectroLynx® Hinges

McKinney Three Knuckle Stainless Steel Hinges are now available with Concealed Circuit (CC) and ElectroLynx (QC) connector options.

Concealed Circuit electric hinges allow a constant flow of current from the power source through the hinge to electrified door hardware. No external wires can be seen, eliminating disruption of power due to tampering or disconnection, and improving the aesthetics of the opening.

ElectroLynx hinges feature concealed plug-in connectors that eliminate the need for separate or exposed wiring. Standard connectors make installation quick and simple and brass eyelets add protection and durability. ElectroLynx Hinges are designed to work with other ASSA ABLOY Group brands electromechanical hardware.

Catalog Number Sizes Hinge Type Gauge Weight Connector Option
TA314 4½ x 4, 4½ x 4½ Bearing .134 Standard CC4, CC8, QC4, QC8, QC12
TA386 4½ x 4, 4½ x 4½, 5 x 4½ .180 Heavy

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For additional information, contact your local sales representative, ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions Representative or McKinney Product Customer Service at 1-800-346-7707.