2-Day QuickShip Program on Accessories WebShop

In an effort to better serve your business needs, we are eager to announce the Accessories WebShop 2-day QuickShip program. With over 1500 combined products from Markar, McKinney, Pemko and Rockwood, the Accessories WebShop provides you with the convenience of online ordering from the brands you trust.

Features of Accessories WebShop:
• Quick and convenient access through a user-friendly interface
• Streamlined ordering system
> Fast reordering with saved order history
> Flexibility to enter a single or separate purchase orders
> Free freight with standard shipping on orders larger than $1,750
• Large depth of inventory with multiple finishes and product configurations
• Factory direct from five locations - Berlin, CT; Memphis, TN; Mason City, IA; Rockwood,PA; Ventura, CA
• 2-day shipping on over 1500+ products (and growing!)
> 14,000+ lines have shipped with 2-day lead times since October 2020!
• Personal training available for you and your team
> To arrange training or for more information on the program, contact your local Door Security Solutions Representative, or Ujjwal Bhattarai, WebShop Manager

Get started today at accessories.assaabloy.com!