Rockwood Double Glazed Bushing Kit for Glass Doors

Rockwood's newest bushing kit, made exclusively for glass doors, effectively conceals door mounting hardware on double glazed applications.

• Part number: DGBKIT
• Sold individually per post
• Can be used on 1", 1¼" and 1½" post mounted and bent end pulls, including locking door pulls
• Door thickness: 1" - 3½"
- Locking door pulls only available up to 2½"
• Panel thickness: ¼" - ½" glass
• Base materials: stainless steel, brass, bronze
• Finishes: US3/605, US4/606, US10B/613, US10BE/613E, US32/629, US32D/630, BSP, WSP, Stock Powder Coats

Accepting orders immediately. Pricing can be found in the 2021 price book on the Digital Library.

For additional information, contact your local sales representative, call the Rockwood Customer Service line at 800-458-2424 or visit