Pemko HSS2000xS44_ Combination Fire/Smoke Sealing/Gasketing

Adhesive Backed Combination Intumescent and Silicone

  • High temperature silicone.
  • Self-extinguishing and non-toxic.
  • Longest-lasting commercial grade door seal.
  • Seals against smoke, fire, air, sound and weather.
  • Unaffected by sunlight, ozone and ultraviolet rays.
  • Impervious to fungus and mildew.
  • HSS2000xS44 is furnished in three cut lengths equivalent to standard door dize dimensions (i.e. 36x84, 48x64, 72x84, 96x96, etc)
  • Category B - Doors - additional edge sealing system required - see Category G. Requires Category G system with gasket for fire and possibly smoke.
  • Category G - Edge-Sealing Systems - systems that are surface applied to frames or doors and required for Category B doors. Recommended products are HSS2000xS88 for beveled doors and HSS2000xS44 for square edge doors.
  • Category H - Gasketing - Smoke and draft control for positive pressure openings.


Air Infiltration Tested Air Infiltration Tested

Intertek Testing (Warnock Hersey) Intertek Testing (Warnock Hersey)

BHMA Certified BHMA Certified

Smoke Tested - UL1784 Smoke Tested - UL1784

Fire Rated - Edge Seals - UL10C - Positive Pressure Fire Rated - Edge Seals - UL10C - Positive Pressure

GREENGUARD Gold Certified GREENGUARD Gold Certified


BL - Black HSS2000xS44BL: BL - Black Silicone

D - Dark Brown HSS2000xS44D: D - Dark Brown Silicone

W - White HSS2000xS44W: W - White Silicone

C - Clear.    

 HS2000xS44C: C - Clear, Silicone

GR - Gray    

 HS2000xS44GR: GR - Gray Silicone

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