Rockwood 2696

2600 Series Door Coordinator


Material: Steel

Options: Specify make and model of exit device for vertical rod preparation

Features: Non-handed. Override protection to prevent damage in case of abnormal force on door. Mechanism and filler bar completely fill width of opening and when painted to match frame it becomes virtually invisible. UL Listed

Custom Sizes:
The 2600 Series coordinators are manufactured in different housing lengths to coordinate the full range of door sizes including:

  • NX2600 Series: For jamb opening widths 48" - 54"; coordinator length 42"
  • 2600 Series: For jamb opening widths 54" - 96"; coordinator length 52"

Determining Coordinator Item Number:

  • Active door widths plus Inactive door width equals the last two or three digits of all 2600 Series coordinator item number (2680 is for 80" door openings)
  • Less than 48" jamb widths - N2600 Series (N2644 = 44" opening)
  • Larger sizes are available (XL, XXL), contact the factory

Note:  Some panic hardware requires the coordinator to be factory prepped (Contact factory)
Note:  Contact the factory for other available smaller or larger sizes


Part Number





ANSI A156.3

2696 7 ea. #12-24 x 1-1/4" TH Type C tapping screws 96" Standard device size 5/8" x 1-5/8" x 52" 9.75 lbs. Type 21A




Black --- ---
Clear Anodized Aluminum US28 628

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