Pemko _FM_SF Safety Hinge

Black Suede Powder Coat (BSP)
Black Suede Powder Coat (BSP)
Gold Powder Coat (G)
Gold Powder Coat (G)
Satin Nickel Powder Coat (SN)
Satin Nickel Powder Coat (SN)
Satin Bronze Powder Coat (US10BE/613E)
Satin Bronze Powder Coat (US10BE/613E)
Powder Coat Finishes
Powder Coat Finishes
Standard Duty Anodized Aluminum Full Mortise Continuous Geared
  • Designed mainly for new door applications
  • Great for child care and elder care facilities
  • Applied to conceal both leaves
  • The hinges require extra clearance
    - Square edge doors: 13/16"
    - Bevel edge doors: 27/32"
  • Available in heavy duty models


  • # 12-24 x 7/16" FHUC, Type C threadforming, no tapping required
  • 16 fasteners required per leaf.
  • Wood screws available upon request


  • Standard duty hinge. 6" bearing spacing
  • Special hinge reinforcements are not required. Hollow metal door and frame manufacturer's standard is acceptable. Removal of hinge reinforcements in the door and frame is not advised. 


  • Tested in accordance with ANSI/BHMA A156.26-2017, Grade 3-150


C - Clear     CFMSF: C - Clear Anodized Aluminum

D - Dark Bronze     DFMSF: D - Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum

G     GFMSF: G - Gold Powder Coat

BSP     BSPFMSF: BSP - Black Suede Powder Coat

WSP     WSPFMSF: WSP - White Suede Powder Coat

SN     SNFMSF: SN - Satin Nickel Powder Coat

US10BE/613E     10BEFMSF: 10BE - Satin Bronze Powder Coat

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