Behavioral Health Hinges

The Double Swing Hinge and the Emergency Release Stop offer innovative solutions for the Behavioral Health and Healthcare industries.
  • The Double Swing Hinge offers a swing of 100-degrees in either direction allowing the door the option of swing in the non-traditional direction in an emergency situation. Combined with the Emergency Release Stop, this hinge is the best option for use where panic hardware is needed.
  • The Emergency Release Stop is used as a stop during traditional operation and is applied to a cased opening. During an emergency situation, this stop can be released allowing the Double Swing Hinge to swing in the opposite direction. This is usually needed when something or someone is barricaded on the other side of a door and is not allowing the door to swing in the traditional direction.
  • ASSA ABLOY offers two styles of double swing hinges; a pin and barrel style hinge (Markar DSH1000) and a gear style hinge (Pemko DSHP01). and two styles of emergency release stops; a special flush bolt (Pemko ERS) or a multipoint latch (Pemko ERSMP).