Pemko ERS_ Behavioral Health Hinge

Emergency Release Stop

Pemko ERS: Flush bolt locking behavioral health hinge
Pemko ERSMP: Multipoint locking point behavioral health hinge

  • Used on the strike side of the door as a stop for normal operation.
  • During an emergency, the flush bolt (ERS) or multi-point latch (ERSMP) can be released to allow the stop to swing away from the door.
  • This allows the door (when used with a Double Swing Hinge) to swing in the opposite direction allowing access to the room.
  • Designed for use in a cased opening or on a single rabbet frame
  • Comes standard with an access plug secured by a TORX security screw to deter unwanted activation of the flush bolt.
  • Hospital tips come standard
  • No ERS notch required with a 3-3/4" or larger hardware trim backset.
  • Notched options are available to accommodate shallower backsets, down to a 2-3/4".
  • These models require additional information to determine the required location of the notch
  • Optional integrated cup pulls are also available.
  • Contact Customer Service for the required order forms for DSH and ERS products


C - Clear ERS_: C - Clear Anodized Aluminum, additional designations may be added to identify notches

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