Markar FM600 Hinges

Manufactured in 316 stainless steel, this superior corrosion resistant edge mounted pin and barrel hinge is used in high chloride, sodium and sulfurous acid environments. Ideal applications include marine type environments.


  • 3/16" diameter barrel type hinges, 316 stainless steel pin (rod) Medical bearings. Exterior barrel diameter .438" (7/16")
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge, 316 stainless steel, finished inUS32D (630)
  • Fasteners concealed when door is closed. Fastener screwpack includes Custom 12-24 x 11/16 S.S Phillips Flat Head Undercut TEK Screws
  • Specify handing for optional features listed

Fire Rating

  • Classified in accordance with UBC standard 7-2 for positive pressure
  • 20 minutes – wood doors
  • 90 minutes – hollow metal and composite core wood fire doors
  • 3 hours – hollow metal doors mounted singly

Scratch-Resistant Powder Coated Paint

Tamper-proof security screws

Other Features

  • Custom lengths- specify in inches 
  • Custom hole pattern
  • Dutch door hinges- suffix “DDP”
  • Hospital tips - suffix “HT”
  • Raised barrel - suffix “RB”
  • Welded end pins 
  • Security studs

Electrical Modifications

  • Adjustable Monitoring Switch - “AMS”
  • Current Transfer Prep - suffix “CTP”
  • Electrical Transfer Access Prep - suffix “ETAP”
  • ElectroLynx® EL4 (4 wire), EL8 (8 wire), EL12 (12 wire)
  • PoE (9 wire)

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