Markar FS/SC309 Hinge

This full surface swing clear continuous hinge is used to ensure that a door opened to a 90-degree angle is removed from the opening. This hinge will mount on a 1 3/4" face, and is especially useful for ADA upgrade work.


  • 3/16" diameter stainless steel barrel type hinge pin (rod). Medical bearings. Stainless steel end pins
  • Fasteners concealed when door is closed. 
  • Custom 12-24 x 11/16” S.S. Phillips Flat Head Undercut TEK Screws & 1/4-14 x 3/4" Security TORX TEK Screws
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge 304 stainless steel. Cover – extruded aluminium 
  • ANSI/BHMA Standard A156.26 Grade 1

Fire Rating

  • Classified in accordance with UBC standard 7-2 for positive pressure
  • 20 minutes – wood doors
  • 90 minutes – hollow metal and composite core wood fire doors
  • 3 hours – hollow metal doors mounted singly

US32 Bright Stainless Steel (629)
Scratch-Resistant Powder Coated Paint

Tamper-proof security screws

Other Features

  • Custom lengths - specify in inches
  • Custom hole pattern 
  • 1 5/8" S.S. aluminum sleeve bolts 
  • Dutch door hinges - suffix “DDP” 
  • Hospital tips - suffix “HT” 
  • Lead lined cover with 4 lbs. lead lining - suffix “LL” 
  • Welded End Pins

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