Overview of Markar Hinge Options

Hinge Suffix Description

Hospital Tip
Available on all models except spring-loaded toilet partition hinges.


Dutch Door Prep
Continuous frame leaf with two-piece door leaf.
Indicate handing, clearances, door and frame heights, and materials when ordering. Available on all models.


Wide Throw — FM300WT
Specify distance from pin centerline to heel edge of hinge when ordering.
Note: Reinforcement may be required on extreme wide throw applications. Pleasecontact our Customer Service or Technical Support departments at (800) 824-3018.

Click here for the Markar FM300WT product page

RB-MP Raised Barrel (Swaged)
For cased open or center pivot doors.
Available on all edge mount and half surface models except on aluminum hinges.

Lead Lined Cover (Standard 4 Lbs./SQ.FT.)
Used for X-ray room doors and other locations where radiation leakage could be a problem.
Only available on surface mounted hinges.
Lead lined astragal for EGT + $480.00
Staggard hole pattern for Edge Guard + $60.00

  Security Studs
Stainless steel security studs mounted to the frame leaf.
Door leaf is drilled to accommodate studs. Three studs installedon hinges up to 85-1/8", four studs installed on hinges over 85-1/8".
Door and frame must be specially prepared to accommodate security studs.

Automatic Door Bottom Cut
Removable Auto Door Bottom Prep (RADBP)
FMPLATE (FM300, HM304, FM/SC325)
HGPLATE (HG306, HG311, HG315, HG329)
HGADJPLATE (HG305, HG310, HG326)
FM3500PLATE (FM3500)

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Welded End Pins
  Plug Weld
  Blank Hinges- Holes omitted for special applications such as welded installations.

Cut to Length