Pemko SER Electrically Modified Continuous Geared Hinge

Serviceable/Removable (SER) Module

  • The hinge is furnished to be installed in three sections allowing the current carrying cable to be serviced or replaced without removing the door from the frame.
  • Additionally, the SER option allows the current carrying cables to be safely stored or delivered to the electrician or security contractor prior to the installation of the electrified hardware.
  • Eliminates the necessity of the electrician or security contractor to be present when the doors are being hung.
  • NOTE: Some of the devices sold by various hardware and security manufacturers’ have components inside which act as an in-line current limiting safety mechanism. When these devices are installed, hand-in-hand with Pemko’s CC hinges, the system causes the fuse supplied with the Pemko CC hinge to fail. The solution to this issue is to OMIT the 4 amp in-line fuse supplied by Pemko. The 4 amp fuse should be used on the low voltage side of the power supply between the power supply and the hinge ONLY if there is not a current limiting device already on the low voltage end of the power supply. Do not install fuse if the power supply has one already provided on the low voltage side.


BHMA Certified BHMA Certified

PemkoHinge Fire Rating - UL76Y2 PemkoHinge Fire Rating - UL76Y2

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