McKinney ElectroLynx® Hinge (QC Option)

Each hinge features concealed plug connectors that eliminate the need for separate or exposed wiring. Standard connectors make installation quick and simple. Brass eyelets add protection and durability.

  • The QC option is available on standard and heavy weight full mortise bearing hinges as well as swing clear and wide throw hinges
  • Electric hinges allow a constant flow of current from the power source through the hinge to electrified door hardware. No external wires can be seen, eliminating tampering and improving the aesthetics of the door opening
  • Materials: brass, stainless steel, and steel
  • For 4 amp continuous @ 24 volts AC or DC per circuit,28 gauge multi-strand wires are used. 
  • An 8 position connector is used for QC4 and QC8 wire hinges. An 8 position and a 4 position connector is used for QC12 wire hinges. 
  • Hand of hinge must be specified on two knuckle hinges
  • Can be used in conjunction with MM option on most full mortise hinges. QC12 x MM not recommended for wood or solid core doors
  • Full Mortise QC hinges are available in most BHMA and McKinney powder coat finishes
  • Wires are coordinated to work with other ASSA ABLOY Group brands electro-mechanical hardware


  • Electric hinges should be installed in the center position on the door. Installation instructions are packed with each hinge.
  • Hinges are factory tested and specially packaged to minimize against damage during shipment.

3 Knuckle

5 Knuckle

TA314 TA2314
TA714 TA2714
TA386 T4A3386
TA786 T4A3786




QC4 2 Circuits
QC8 4 Circuits
QC12 6 Circuits


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About ElectroLynx®


As part of their promise to provide innovative, fast and effective high security solutions to their customers, certain ASSA ABLOY Group brands offer ElectroLynx®, a universal quick-connect system that simplifies the electrification of the door opening.

ElectroLynx® is a registered trademark of ASSA ABLOY Inc.

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283 for 5" QC (3 & 5 knuckle) hinges
256 for 4.5"QC x MM hinges (2 to 8 wires)
257 for 4.5" QC x MM hinges (10 to 12 wires)
261 for 5" QC x MM hinges (2 to 8 wires)
262 for 5" QC x MM hinges (10 to 12 wires) 
79HD for QC or MM Aluminum Continuous Hinge
83HD for QC or MM Aluminum Continuous Hinge 
85HD for QC or MM Aluminum Continuous Hinge 
95HD for QC or MM Aluminum Continuous Hinge
120HD for QC or MM Aluminum Continuous Hinge 

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