McKinney Three Knuckle Heavy Weight Anchor Hinges: Concealed Door Closers - TA391/TA791

Anchor hinge sets are used on doors where high traffic, abuse, or other door hardware place an unusual strain on the door, jamb, and hinges.

  • Recommended for use on high frequency and/or heavy wood or metal doors in schools, hospitals or other public buildings where heavy traffic is experienced
  • For use with concealed door holders or door closers
  • Set includes one anchor hinge and two 5" x 41⁄2" full mortise hinges
  • Sets require handing and are packed with all machine and all wood screws
  • The pin is inserted from the bottom of the barrel on the anchor hinge, and is held in place by an NRP set screw
  • Anchor plate for door header only, permits use of holders and closers concealed in the top of the jamb
  • For Beveled Edge, where doors are beveled in hinge side, specify TA5391 or TA5791

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