McKinney Bearing Hinges: Heavy Weight (Reversible) - T4A3381/T4A3781

Recommended for use on high frequency and/or heavy weight wood or metal doors in schools, hospitals or other public buildings where heavy traffic is experienced.

  • The hinges may be used on channel iron frames
  • The narrow leaf is applied to the surface of the jamb with machine screws. The door leaf is applied to the surface of the door with thru bolts and grommet nuts
  • Heavy weight full surface hinges are packed with all machine screws and thru bolts and grommet nuts
  • The pin is held in place by an NRP set screw, which allows the hinge to be reversible
  • Specify if the door thickness is greater than 1-3/4" to insure that proper bolt is packed

Related Templates

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135 for 5" full surface hinges
140 for 6" T4A/T4B 3781 and T4A/T4B 3381

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