McKinney Bearing Hinges: Standard Weight (Reversible) - TA2372/TA2772

Recommended for use on average frequency and/or medium weight wood or metal doors in schools, hospitals or other public buildings where medium traffic is experienced.

  • Standard weight half surface hinges are packed with all machine screws and thru bolts and grommet nuts
  • The jamb leaf is fastened into the mortise with machine screws. The door leaf is applied full surface with thru bolts and grommet nuts
  • The pin is held in place by an NRP set screw, which allows the hinge to be reversible
  • Specify if the door thickness is greater than 1-3/4" to insure that proper bolt is packed

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Code Description
BP-10 Back Plate*
TB Ball Bearing
HT Hospital Tips

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175 for 4.5" half surface hinges
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