McKinney Jamb Mount Pivot Set: EP-5J

Recommended for installations on average frequency double acting doors in schools, hospitals, institutions and other public buildings.

  • Used in conjunction with CSS-9 Combinations Strike and Stops and DS-6 Emergency Door Stops
  • Thrust steel ball bearing in bottom pivot, oil impregnated bronze bearing in top pivot
  • Center Hung
  • Mortised into side jamb
  • Full mortise top pivot
  • Non-handed
  • 1-5/32" radius heel edge of door
  • Maximum Door Weight (interior or exterior) up to 135 lbs 3'6" x 8'0"
  • All EP-5J Pivot sets are packed with 14 x 1-1⁄2" wood screws and 1⁄4-20 x 5⁄8" machine screws
  • Ferrous base pivot set polished and plated

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