Rockwood KB1151

Two-Sided Angle Plate


Material: .050" Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, or Stainless Steel


  • Both 90 degree bends on Push or Pull side of square door
  • Both 93 degrees on Push side of beveled door
  • One 90 degree and one 93 degree bend for push side of beveled/square door
  • Both 87 degree bends on Pull side of beveled door
  • One 90 degree bend and one 87 degree bend on Pull side of beveled/square door


  • Beveling, TORX - security torx screws 
  • TEK - self-drilling screws,
  • Cutouts for hinges, flush bolts, and locks

Part Number


KB1151 #6 x 5/8" FH/OH SMS


UL rated. Plates are intended for application on UL Classified wood and wood covered composite fire doors rated up to 1 1/2" hours, or on UL Classified hollow metal or steel covered composite fire doors rated up to 3 hours. Armor Plates are to be attached with screws and are not to exceed 46 1/2" in width and 54" in height.





Bright Brass, Clear Coated US3 605 605
Satin Brass, Clear Coated US4 606 606
Satin Bronze, Clear Coated US10 612 612
Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed US10B 613 613
Flat Brass, Black Powder Coat US19 622  
Clear Anodized Aluminum US28 628  
Bright Stainless Steel US32 629 629
Polished 316 Alloy Stainless Steel US32316 ---   
Satin Stainless Steel US32D 630
Satin 316 Alloy Stainless Steel US32D316 ---   
Satin MicroShield Coated Stainless Steel US32DMS ---  
Powder Coat --- ---  

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