Rockwood 306B-AST

Non-Mortise Door Edge


Material: .050" Thick Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel

Ordering: Specify any length up to 96" (standard lengths are 42", 84", 96").  
NOTE: 84" and 96" are made to match net door height - specify. Specify wood or metal door


  • UL fire rated listed for stainless steel, brass and bronze. For use on wood or plastic faced fire doors rated up to and including 1-1/2 hours or hollow metal, steel covered, composite type fire doors rated up to and including 3 hours. Specify UL when ordering (306B-AST-UL)
  • Cutouts for flush bolts, lock strikes, locks, and hinges


  • Door edges are sized for 1-3/4" thick wood or metal doors. Advise if your door is another thickness. NOTE: Some wood doors that are nominally 1-3/4" vary significantly
  • 306-AST and 306B-AST include an astragal, providing additional protection against vandalism

Part Number


306B-AST #6 x 5/8" FH SMS




Satin Stainless Steel US32D 630 6330

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