Rockwood K2060SA-F

Plastic Kick Plate- Heavy Duty

.060" Thick

Self-adhesive mounting and UL approved for use of 90-minute wood doors and 3-hour metal doors


Material: .060" Kydex® 160 PVC Acrylic Alloy Plastic*

ANSI: J105 - plastic armor plate, J106 - plastic kick plate, J107 - plastic stretcher & mop plate

Ordering: Specify height x width x color. Add any options


  • Cutouts for locks, louvers, or windows
  • SA - self-adhesive mounting (K2060SA)
  • SA-F - self-adhesive mounting (K2060SA-F) and UL approved for use of 90-minute wood doors and 3-hour metal doors

Features: Break and scratch resistant

NFPA 80 STANDARDS — 2-4.5 Protection Plates: Factory-installed protection plates shall be installed in accordance with the listing of the door. Field-installed protection plates shall be labeled and installed in accordance with their listing  

Exception:  Labeling is not required where the top of the protection plate is not more than 16 in. (406 mm) above the bottom of the door

* Kydex 160 meets Class 1A building code ratings up to .060" thick

Part Number



Push Side Plate Width

Pull Side Plate Width

K2060SA-F #6 x 3/4 TH SMS 8" x 34" = 1.0 lbs.  2" less than door width 1-1/2" less than door width




Beige --- ---
Black --- ---
Brown --- ---
Gray --- ---
Line Drawings/Application Suggestion

Line Drawing:

Line Drawing

Application Suggestion:

Application Suggestion

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