Pemko RF280_-SWTK (Radius Fascia)

Unique mounting bracket that is extruded with the track - Wall mounted bottom guide assembly allows carpet to be replaced without removing door

  • For new construction and retro-fit applications.
  • RF280C-SWTK and 280D-SWTK include: side wall track (280_-SWT), side wall fascia (F334_), side wall end plates (K334_-SWEP) (2), H222R1 hangers (2), TELS14 stops (2), 102WA side wall mounted bottom mortised type guide (1) and 102N floor mounted mortised type bottom guide (1)
  • Soft Close option available for new or retrofit application
  • This product is also available with Angled Fascia (280_SWT) or Square Fascia (SF280_SWT). Please see those product pages for more information.


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