Pemko Cascading Sliding Door System

The Pemko Cascading Door Kit offers a wide variety of configurations. Opening and closing the lead door causes the trailing doors to follow as interlocking hardware at the edges of the door tops are set in motion.


  • Cased Opening with One Fixed Panel
  • Pocket
  • Side Wall Mount


  • Easy to install due to self-aligning components on 1 3/4" thick doors
  • Telescoping panels glide along the track
  • Durable yet quiet operation due to solid steel catches with rubber bumpers
  • 200 lb. per door weight capacity
  • 5 year warranty

Cascading Kit Includes:

  • Mechanical Catch system (CAS-05 Catches 2 per Door)
  • Track Stops (601H 2 per Door)
  • Hangers (H222R1 2 per Door)
  • Door Bottom Guides (DBG- 02R1 1 per Door)
  • End Plates (TELS023 2 per Door)
  • Single Extrusion - Dual (2802C) for Triple Track (2803C)
  • Track Connector (C1076-TC) for CAS200A-4/_Kits
  • Polypropylene Guide Rails (EPD3BL-__1 per Door)
  • Hardware Fasteners 
  • 1 Hanger Wrench (WRENCH14)

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