Pemko SIR__ Sirocco System

For doors up to 176lbs - Integrated hydraulic soft stop for disabled access systems or public areas

  • Self closing system for a single door from 31½" to 47¼" wide.
  • Interior applications only and comes complete with a hydraulically controlled soft close feature.
  • Adjustable closing speed.
  • Door brake to reduce opening speed to prevent damage to the door and system.
  • Optional hold open unit giving adjustable time delay before self closing
  • Manufactured by P.C. Henderson
  • Sirocco Series Kits Include:
  • 1 ea Track 86.61" long
  • 1 ea Leading hanger
  • 1 ea Trailing hanger
  • 1 ea Hydraulic Control Unit
  • 1 ea Closing brake rack
  • 1 ea Opening brake rack
  • 1 ea Power spring mounting bracket
  • 7 ea Height adjustment plates
  • 1 ea Power spring unit
  • 1 ea Guide roller
  • 1 ea Opening door stop
  • 1 ea Door stop roller
  • 1 ea Closing door stop
  • 2 ea Wooden door plate. All required screws and bolts
  • Options:
  • DELRH Delayed Closing Timer Right Hand
  • DELLH Delayed Closing Timer Left Hand

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