Soft Close

Soft Close for Pemko Box Track
Soft Close for Pemko Box Track
Soft Close for Pemko Builders Series
Pemko SFT-W60

An optional Soft Close device is designed for popular Pemko sliding door hardware. It brings sliding doors to a smooth and controlled stop, preventing the door from bouncing or slamming shut. This eliminates pinch points, reduces noise, and extends the lifespan of doors and hardware.  The Soft Close device is an easy to install option and available for new or retrofit applications.


  • Facilitates quiet and controlled operation even under aggressive use
  • Reduces pinch points and risk of accidental injury
  • Reduces wear and tear on door and hardware
  • Robust and highly durable design

Available for: 

Ordering Information (Catalog link):

For ordering information, please see the guide located under Options & Accessories in the Sliding and Folding (SF) section of the Pemko full line catalog, also available in the Resource Library.

Downloads (by Sliding Door Style):

Pemko H200H180ASHS80HBP200A, and Side Wall Track Systems (280_-SWTKITRF280_-SWTKSF280_-SWTK)

Pemko Builders Series Flat Track sliding door hardware (BLD-FT01 and BLD-FT02)

Pemko SFT-W60 and Pemko SFT-W100 Stainless Steel Sliding Track Hardware

Pemko Straight Sliding Door Hardware with Soft Close

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Soft Close for Box Track Installation

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