Markar FAQs

Reference these Frequently Asked Questions to get answers to your concerns related to Markar products.


What is the largest leaf available for a custom wide throw application?

The largest leaf is 4-3/4" from center of knuckle to heel. 

What is the smallest leaf available for a custom or narrow frame application?

The smallest leaf is 1-3/8" from center of knuckle to heel. 

Which hinge would work best for doors over 4' wide

Markar recommends a hinge from the 3500 Stainless Steel Series for this application.

What type of screws come standard with Markar hinges?

Fastener information is included on each product page.
I have tried to use my self-drilling Tek screws during installation, and they are not long enough to bite into the frame. What should I do?

The universal screw pack is equipped with a 1-3/4” sheet metal screw that will work in most instances. If a frame is filled with mortar, pre-drilling an area behind the frame with a small drill bit may be required.

Download a Preventing Mortar From Breaking Drills and Taps Tech Memo here.

I have cut my hinge to a custom length in the field and the bottom pin keeps falling out after installing the hinge. What should I do?

In this situation Markar does not recommend using the end pin. Crimping the barrel of the hinge would be the correct way to solve the problem.
Download a Cutting Hinges to Custom Length Tech Memo here.