Hinge Maintenance

Markar and Pemko Continuous Hinges

Refer to this page for information on how to properly maintain Markar continuous hinges.

Proper hinge maintenance helps to ensure the durability and operation of the opening for an extended lifetime. The accumulation of dust on hinges is a natural occurrence, as cycling the hinge create a small static charge that attracts particles from the air. The maintenance of any Markar or Pemko continuous hinge is easy and consists of just two procedures:

 1. Approximately once every six months, the hinge should be cleaned or wiped to remove any dust that has collected around the bearings. Mild soap and water can be used if necessary. Do not use harsh or abrasive chemicals.

 2. Inspect the hinge annually to check for any fasteners which may have become loose and tighten or replace as necessary.

 Performing these quick and basic tasks will help to maintain your ASSA ABLOY hinges which will provide you with worry‐free operation for years to come.