Regarding US10B (613) Finish

The US10B (613) used on McKinney Products is an unstable finish that changes its appearance during the oxidation process. The McKinney products line offers information about how to get a consistent finish while ordering.

Every effort is made by ASSA ABLOY to furnish McKinney finishes which comply with ANSI/BHMA Standard 156.18-2012. However, we cannot guarantee that our finish will match other manufacturers finish. This is especially evident in the case of US10B, which is a dark oxidized satin bronze, oil-rubbed finish either supplied as BHMA 613 applied over a non-ferrous product or BHMA 640 applied over steel.

The oxidation process used for finishing US10B (613) is a chemical treatment that colors the surface of the metal. The more copper in the base material, the darker the finish will be. Oxidized hardware provides the appearance of an old or antique look. Once this process is completed and the hinge is assembled, oil is applied to the surface to protect it. Once oil is applied to the hinge, it begins to dry and once it dries, offers less protection to the oxidized hinge.

It is important to understand that 613 is a “living”, unstable finish and will continue to change in appearance from the day the hinge is manufactured. Normal wear, exposure to the elements, and even handling the hinge during installation will affect the oiled surface.

To ensure a consistent dark bronze finish across all ASSA ABLOY hardware brands, we recommend specifying our durable 10BE powder-coat finish which is a Dark Satin Bronze.While the 10BE finish provides the richness and warmth of the “living” 10B finish, it maintains its original color and its appearance will not fade or wear over time. Please contact your local Door Security Solutions representative for a finish/product sample.

For any questions about our product, please call us at 1-800-346-7707.

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