McKinney Available Finishes

From bright brass to stainless steel and any coat in-between, these finishes will give your McKinney products a unique look that matches the style of your specific space.

Available finishes may vary based on hinge size

Swatch colors are approximations and may vary based on computer screen

McKinney, B.H.M.A. and U.S. Finishes

B.H.M.A. U.S. McKinney Description Swatch
600 (Steel Base) U.S.P. P Prime Powder Coat for Painting
605 (Brass Base)
632 (Steel Base)

U.S. 3


Bright Brass

606 (Brass Base)
633 (Steel Base)

U.S. 4


Satin Brass

609 (Brass Base)
638 (Steel Base)
U.S. 5 5 Satin Brass, Oxidized
610 (Brass Base)
636 (Steel Base)
U.S. 7 7 Brass, Nickel Oxidized, Bright Relieved
611 (Bronze Base)
637 (Steel Base)
U.S. 9 9 Bright Bronze
612 (Bronze Base)
639 (Steel Base)

U.S. 10


Satin Bronze

614 (Bronze Base)
641 (Steel Base)

U.S. 10A

10A Antique Bronze, Oiled and Lacquered 
613 (Bronze Base)
640 (Steel Base)

U.S. 10B


Antique Bronze, Oiled

616 (Bronze Base)
643 (Steel Base)
U.S. 11  11 Satin Bronze, Oxidized
618 (Bronze Base)
645 (Steel Base)
U.S. 14  14 Bright Nickel Plated
619 (Bronze Base)
646 (Steel Base)
U.S. 15  15 Satin Nickel Plated
623 (Bronze Base)
649(Steel Base)
U.S. 20  20 Statuary Bronze, Light
624 (Bronze Base)
650 (Steel Base)
U.S. 20A  20A Statuary Bronze, Dark
625 (Bronze Base)
651 (Steel Base)



Bright Chromium

626 (Bronze Base)
652 (Steel Base)



Satin Chromium

629 (Stainless Steel Base)



Bright Stainless Steel

630 (Stainless Steel Base)



Satin Stainless Steel


McKinney Powder Coat Finishes

32DBIO MicroShield® Agion Antimicrobial
D-3 Dark Bronze Powder Coat
10BE Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze
BSP Black Suede Powder Coat
WSP White Suede Powder Coat