Pemko Products Materials & Finishes

Pemko products are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes. Browse this list for details on each, and learn about special order options.


Our extruded metal products are made from 6063 aluminum alloy or CDA alloy C38500 architectural bronze (brass). Roll formed metal products are made from stainless steel, high-strength special-purpose zinc alloy, 70-30 yellow brass, or 85-15 red brass. Roll formed aluminum weatherstripping is produced from various alloys selected for the particular properties required. See finishes information below for all finish designations. If you do not see the option you require, please inquire with our Customer Service Department about the feasibility of a custom finish.

Standard Finishes:

A - Mill Finish Aluminum  K - PemKote™ (on aluminum or bronze)
AK - Mill Finish Aluminum w/PemKote™ PA - Mill Finish Aluminum
B - Mill Finish Extruded Bronze (Brass) PD - Painted Dark Bronze Aluminum
BDC - Bright Dip Clear Anodized Aluminum PG - Painted Gold Aluminum
BDG - Bright Dip Gold Anodized Aluminum PW - Painted White Aluminum
C - Clear Anodized Aluminum S - Cladded Stainless Steel
CB - Cladded Brass SN - Satin Nickel Anodized Aluminum
D - Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum SP - Galvannealed Steel
G - Gold Anodized Aluminum SS - Stainless Steel (see individual part for finish)
  Z - Zinc Metal


Special Order Finishes:

Champagne Polished Bronze, Uncoated
Light/Medium Dark Bronze Satin Brushed Aluminum, Uncoated
Painted Aluminum (any color) Satin Brushed Bronze, Uncoated
Polished Aluminum, Uncoated Oxidized and Oil Rubbed Bronze


Finish Options:

PemKote™ Satin Buff Brushed Brass
Anodized (clear, light/medium dark bronze, black, champagne, gold) Oxidized & Oil Rubbed L-metal (ANSI/BHMA 722)
Chrome Plate Oxidized & Oil Rubbed L-metal (custom finish)
Prime Coat Oxidized & Oil Rubbed Thresholds (ANSI/BHMA 722)
Pewter Finish for Aluminum Oxidized & Oil Rubbed Thresholds (custom finish)
Polish/Buff Brass Oxidized & Oil Rubbed Weatherstrip (ANSI/BHMA 722)
Polish/Buff Aluminum Oxidized & Oil Rubbed Weatherstrip (custom finish)


Adhesive Gasketing And Replacement Eco-V™ Finishes: Lites & Louvers Finishes:
BL - Black B - California Beige Powder Coat
C - Clear D - Dark Bronze Duranodic Powder Coat
D - Dark Brown G - Gray Primer Powder Coat
GR - Light Gray  

TAN - Tan


W - White



Pemko manufactures many products with gasket inserts (seals). See insert information below for all insert (seal) designations. Also, the available inserts (seals) for each individual product are shown adjacent to each individual product.

E - EPDM, Solid PK - PemkoPrene™** SB - Soft Brush
M - Magnetic Q - Kerf-in Foam T - ThermoSeal™
N - Neoprene or EPDM* R - Sponge Neoprene or EPDM* TF - Triple Foam
NB - Nylon Brush S - SiliconSeal or Sponge Silicone (see individual part) V - Eco-V™
P - Pile    

*N: As we “Green” Pemko's inserts “N” may be either Neoprene or EPDM.

*R: As we “Green” Pemko's inserts “R” may be either Sponge Neoprene or Sponge EPDM.

Over time, these inserts will move to EPDM material.

**PK: In order to best control our customers’ costs some PK (Santoprene™) products may be a silicon based elastomeric material withcomparable performance.

NOTE: If any of this may cause an issue, please contact Pemko Customer Service for specific insert information or solutions.

Fabrication Options:

Pemko offers many fabrication options to fit specific job requirements. Please consult our Customer Service and/or Engineering departments for details. Custom fabrications are subject to engineering design costs and are quoted on a time and material basis.


Product drawings throughout the catalog may be a reduced representation/not drawn to scale. They are representations of the product size, dimensions, shape, etc.