Pemko General Product Information

From information on special packaging to returns, reference our Pemko general product information to help answer your questions or concerns.


All prices are F.O.B. factory. To customers with satisfactory and / or prior approved credit and account status, terms of 1% 15 days., NET 30 days will be allowed. Please enclose an account application prior to or with your initial order.

Credit Card Capabilities:

Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted (only for established open accounts). Payment terms are NET.

Freight Terms:

All orders are F.O.B. factory. For NET orders of $1750.00 or more, freight will be prepaid in the continental U.S. for shipment the most economical way. Purchaser assumes the risk of loss or damage in transit. For shipments to Hawaii or Alaska on NET orders of $2500.00 or more, freight will be prepaid the most economical way. All shipments that exceed 96" in packaged length must be shipped LTL. Add 4" to the length of the product for finish package length. Minimum freight on these orders is $140.00.

Oversized/Special Packaging:

$100.00 NET. This will be added to any order not meeting prepaid freight where: a) the product is over 10' length, b) for welded threshold assemblies, or c) as deemed appropriate to ensure product safety while in transit.


Minimum Order Level:

A surcharge of $15.00 NET will be added to NET orders less than $100.00.


Returns And Allowances:

No merchandise will be accepted for return or credit unless prior written approval is obtained. Returned merchandise must be of recent sale (6 months), in restockable/resalable quality, size, and condition. Material that is not in standard stock sizes, is made to special order, has a custom finish, or has been sold at special consideration or closeout is subject to addtional charges. Foam tape is not returnable. Adhesive gasketing (S44, S77, S88, S442, S771, S772, S773, S771x6, S776, PK33, and PK55) may only be returned within six months of the date of sale. Contact Pemko Customer Service for rules and Return Goods Authorization paperwork.

Cancellation Charges:

Cancelled orders for special material, non-stock sizes, or special sizes are subject to cancellation charges, based on factory expense and material used.


Pemko products are guaranteed for 5 years against defects in material or workmanship, except: 1) PemKote abrasive surface for thresholds is guaranteed for ten (10) years. 2) Polyurethane foam tapes are guaranteed for 90 days. 3) Grade 1 PemkoHinges are guaranteed for the life of the opening against defects in material or workmanship. All other grades of PemkoHinge carry a ten (10) year warranty. 4) Electrical modification performance is guaranteed for five (5) years on Heavy Duty Grade 1 (HD1) and 1100 Series hinges. Electrical modification performance is guaranteed for one (1) year on Standard Duty and Heavy Duty Grade 3 (HD3) hinges. 5) PC Henderson products are guaranteed for two (2) years against defects in material workmanship. 6) Markar Continuous Hinges and Pivots are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years. Hinges with medical bearings are guaranteed for twenty-five (25) years. Markar Edge Guards and Astragals are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year. Markar electrical modification performance is guaranteed for five (5) years. 7) Powder Coated finishes are warranted for two (2) years; normal wear is not included in coverage.

Claims For Shortage Or Damage In Transit:

All claims must be made within ten (10) days of receipt of goods. Consignee assumes the risk of loss or damage in transit.

Mill Lengths:

Most extrusions are available in mill lengths. Cut lengths over 12 feet are charged as mill lengths.

Ordering Information:

Please order material by product number, specifying length required per piece and the number of pieces. Most weatherstrips are stocked in standard sizes. If it is not practical to furnish the size ordered, the next larger size will be furnished and charged.

Thresholds are maintained in standard sizes with 1/2" extra length on thresholds thru 47" and 1" extra length for thresholds 48" and longer to allow for fitting and field trim, unless exact net cut size is specified. Thresholds, perimeter gaskets, astragals, and door bottoms are punched or drilled as standard, unless otherwise specified in this catalog.

Thresholds are punched with 12" centers. Thresholds over 8" in width will be punched with a double row. Thesholds are generally supplied with #10 flat head screws. Other fasteners are available on request. Metal retainers for perimeter gaskets, door bottoms, and astragals are punched with 8" centers. Items can be furnished undrilled or unpunched by specifying “No Holes” on your Purchase Order.

Non-Stock Finish Information:

Some items shown in Pemko literature are not stocked in certain finishes (i.e. BDG, G, PW, and SN). Batch charges may be required on non-stock finishes to achieve our normal lead times. Contact the Pemko Quoting Team for a quotation and lead times. 

Option Tables:

Option tables are provided in literature for selection of other than standard or normal finishes, components, fabrication, or fasteners. Since these are other than standard or normal, please allow for extra lead time for option(s) selected. 

Cutting Tolerances:

  • Elastometric: -0 + 2" (50.8mm)
  • Thresholds (up to 48"): + 1/2" (12.7mm) 
  • Thresholds (48" and up): +1" (25.4mm) 
  • Net Cut: +/- 0.060, 1/16" (1.5mm) 
  • Hinges: +/- 0.032, 1/32" (0.8mm) 
  • Automatic Door Bottoms: +/- 0.060, 1/16" (1.5mm)

Orders are subject to acceptance by ASSA ABLOY. All prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

How to Order (Product Number Designations):

When placing your order, please specify the product profile number, finish, insert and size/length. Also make sure to clearly state any special fabrication needs, optional fasteners or custom finishes/sizes required. Throughout the catalog, products are listed with an underscore ( _ ) where variable finishes are available; the underscore should be replaced with the desired finish designation. More in-depth ordering information for specific lines is available in the individual product sections of the catalog.

For PemkoHinge and Modular Ramps, see detailed ordering information in their individual sections.